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Magent 2.x vs Shopify: A Quick Comparison Between Two of the Most Popular eCommerce Platforms

Magento 2.x or Shopify- most of the e-commerce businesses have a tough time deciding between these popular e-commerce solutions. We bring you an infographic that compares Magento 2.x and Shopify based on factors like Omnichannel, Multi-language support, IT infrastructure & many more.

Jul 09 2019

Fact Check: How Magento 2 Platform can Support the Hyper Growth of Ecommerce & Retail in Middle-East

Middle-East is fast emerging a bussing hub of the e-commerce business. The region also has demonstrated an interesting trend in terms of e-commerce development platforms! We are talking about the growth of Magento 2 as a preferred e-commerce platform in the region. In this blog, we analyse how the Magento 2 Platform can Support the Hyper Growth of E-commerce.

Jun 28 2019

[Video] Headless Commerce and Progressive Web Apps: A Match Made in Heaven

The journey to Headless Commerce is best traveled through the milestone called Progressive Web Apps. PWA features like push notifications, deep-linking and offline availability make it one of the best Headless Commerce Solutions. Watch the video for a better insight

Apr 26 2019

Adobe Symposium 2019 Highlights: Welcoming Magento Commerce to the Adobe Family & Demonstration of Headless Commerce

Adobe Symposium 2019 introduced Magento Commerce & Marketo, to the digital leaders. It was an evening about ideas & innovation for creating “Experience-Led Business”. Embitel as the Showcase Partner of the event, intrigued audience with demos on Headless Commerce & AEM -Magento Commerce Integration. Read details here.

Apr 25 2019

[Video Blog] What Makes Pimcore An Ultimate Digital Platform For Enterprises

Pimcore is the new-age digital platform for dynamic management of product information to deliver a personalized digital experience to end-users. But how does it enable personalization? Why should retail brands looking to take their business online consider PIMCORE? Find out in this blog.

Mar 08 2019

[Video Blog] How Headless Commerce can Help Retailers and Ecommerce Businesses to Deliver an Unbound CX

Is your Ecommerce Technology Architecture equipped to integrate with the ever evolving User Interfaces like Voice Assistant Systems, Wearable Devices, Kiosks and more? With Headless Commerce solutions at helm, you will be more than just ready. Watch this video to know more.

Feb 21 2019

How Does Headless Commerce and Progressive Web Apps Complement Each Other: An Insider’s Take

Headless Commerce for the lightning fast content delivery and Progressive Web Apps for an engaging app-like Customer Experience- A Match made in Heaven. Find out how the magic unfolds when the two new super stars of ecommerce meet.

Jan 21 2019

What is Headless Commerce and Why it is a ‘No Strings Attached’ Ecommerce Solution

Is it possible for your ecommerce brand to be prepared for an instant integration with new devices and render a customized front-end UI for Wearable Devices, Kiosks, Voice Assistant Devices and more? Yes, it is! Allow us to introduce you to the world of ‘Headless Commerce’ which has ‘No Strings Attached’ with the back-end Ecommerce Engine.

Jan 08 2019

What’s in-store for Ecommerce Merchants and Magento Developers: An Analysis of Magento 2.3.0 Release

Official Beta version of Magento 2.3 is out! Does this release live up-to the promise to deliver “engaging and innovative shopping experiences”? In this blog, we analyse Magento 2.3 to find out what it has to offer to the merchants and Magento Developers

Dec 24 2018

Understanding ‘Product Catalog Management’ with PIMCORE: An Ecommerce Developer’s Perspective

Multiple stores and Inventory that consists of Millions of Products and related data – today Ecommerce Websites need to support such massive scale. If you are an Ecommerce Developer, then PIMCORE is your ‘friend in need’ for seamlessly building solutions that match this scale. Find out how!

Sep 04 2018



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