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Brushless DC Motor vs PMSM: Find Out How These Motors and Their Motor Control Solutions Work

PMSM motor control solution and Brushless DC Motor Controller have many differences but a lot in common too. So, what makes both of them so widely accepted in automotive industry and especially the electric vehicles? Let’s find out in the blog.

May 29 2019

What are Different Types of Flash Bootloaders that Facilitate Automotive ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Reprogramming

Automotive Applications may have unique requirements for ECU reprogramming function. While some need secure firmware updates, other might require a secondary Bootloader or an external flash driver. This blog talks about different types of Flash Bootloaders, that can help you to support unique project requirements.

May 09 2019

A Car with a Cockpit: How Digital Cockpit Solutions are Making This a Reality

Personalization, Connectivity & Safety are the three factors fuelling innovations in the automotive industry. The emergence of digital cockpit solution , a unified avatar of your Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Head-up Display, has aptly encompassed these three innovation commandments. How? Find out in this blog .

Apr 04 2019

[Video] How a Transition to Model Based Development can Save your Product Engineering Teams from Manual Coding Syndrome

Do you know that close to 100 million lines of code are involved in development of ADAS and Infotainment Systems? There are many downsides of manually coding such complex systems. How can your engineering teams overcome such challenges by switching to Model Based Development approach? Watching this video would help.

Mar 27 2019

What is CAN Protocol Stack? And Why it is a Critical Software Solution for ECU Communication?

The impact of Electronic Systems on automotive industry has paved way for some path-breaking innovations like Infotainment, ADAS, Head-up Display, Vehicle Telematics and more. But do you know what is the lifeline of inter-ECU (control units) communication within the In-Vehicle Network? This blog has some answers.

Mar 20 2019

Challenges your Automotive Team may Confront During Migration from CAN 2.0 to CAN FD

After migration from CAN 2.0 to CAN FD, how can one manage mixed in-vehicle networks (consisting of CAN 2.0 and CAN FD nodes)? What if the legacy microcontroller doesn’t support CAN FD protocol? In this blog, our Automotive software development team has shared some solutions to overcome these challenges.

Oct 30 2018

Why Ignoring Firmware Over-The-Air (FOTA) Updates in Automotive ECU can be a Costly Mistake

A robust Firmware Over-The-Air Upgrade module is a must in the modern day electronics-intensive vehicles. The blog explores the pressing need for including FOTA in automotive ECU development process and the perils of its absence.

Sep 14 2018

Why the Transition from Code Based Development to Model Based Development is a Necessary Paradigm Shift in Automotive

Automotive Electronics constitutes 25% of the total vehicle value. Hence there is an overwhelming amount of associated software code. How has this contributed to the popularity of MBD approach over manual coding? This blog has some answers

Aug 27 2018

Classical CAN v/s CAN FD: Decoding Their Data Transfer Capabilities and Compatibility with the Bootloader Software

The need for speed in automotive ECU communication and ECU reprogramming led to the introduction of CAN FD bus standard in 2014. Is CAN FD worth the hype? How is it adding value? What about CAN FD and Classical CAN compatibility? Get answers to all these and more in the blog!

Jul 20 2018

Understanding the Automotive Functional Safety Best-Practices with ISO 26262 standard

ISO 26262, an automotive-specific international standard for safety practices has emerged as the foundation for automotive functional safety. Let us have a look at some automotive functional safety design best-practices to ensure compliance with ISO 26262 standard.

Mar 22 2018



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