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How MCAL Driver Helps Achieve Hardware Abstraction in AUTOSAR Compliant Software

AUTOSAR MCAL drivers need to be configured for specific automotive applications. So how is this configuration performed? What tools are needed for this? We have tried to answer these questions in our latest AUTOSAR MCAL video. Watch it now

Aug 30 2019

Decoding the “Component Concept” of the Application Layer in AUTOSAR

Software reusability and design flexibility have flourished under the regime of 3-layered AUTOSAR software architecture. In this blog, our AUTOSAR software team decodes the AUTOSAR architecture to explain “component concept” in the Application Layer of AUTOSAR.

May 09 2018

Decoding the Implementation of UDS Vehicle Diagnostics in AUTOSAR Base Software Module

Adoption of AUTOSAR based layered software architecture, for automotive ECUs, has been increasingly gaining a lot of attention. For the benefit of our community of AUTOSAR developers, we share a sneak-peak into implementation of UDS based vehicle diagnostics in AUTOSAR Base Software module.

May 07 2018

What is AUTOSAR Memory Stack | Software modules and device drivers

Get introduced to the various software modules of AUTOSAR Memory Stack (MemStack) that provide basic memory management services to the upper layers. Our AUTOSAR development team shares the basics of AUTOSAR 3.0 and 4.0

Aug 01 2016

What is AUTOSAR Communication Stack (ComStack)? Introduction to CAN Communication Stack

In order to share knowledge with community of AUTOSAR developers, our AUTOSAR development team explains what are the different software modules of a Communication Stack (ComStack). Also, learn about the software modules of CAN based Communication Stack in AUTOSAR

Jul 19 2016

What is AUTOSAR MCAL? Learn about the Software Architecture, Device Drivers & MCAL Development

Learn about the fundamentals of the MCAL layer from our AUTOSAR team. Know more about the various device drivers and the layered architecture of the AUTOSAR MCAL. And get the details about how the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL) works

Jun 15 2016

What is AUTOSAR Development Partnership and AUTOSAR MCAL Layer

Find out what is AUTOSAR development partnership and why OEMs, Tier-I suppliers, Semiconductor Vendors and Embedded hardware and software service providers collaborated to form this global partnership. Learn about the goals of the open AUTOSAR architecture and AUTOSAR MCAL layer

May 11 2016

What is Open Diagnostics eXchange (ODX) and How It Enables Standardization in UDS Based Vehicle Diagnostics

Faster and more accurate Implementation of UDS (ISO 14229) needs standardization and automation of the process. How ODX (ISO 22901) format helps achieve this? Let’s find out.

Sep 20 2019

What is Safety Element Out of Context (SEooC) in Automotive Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

How does one build an ISO 26262 compliant automotive system without specific functional requirements and assigned ASIL Value? The concept of Safety Element Out of Context a.k.a SEooC is the answer. Our functional safety consultants explain the concept the the process in detail. Read the blog.

Aug 27 2019

Understanding What is a Flash Bootloader and the Nuances of an Automotive ECU Re-programming

An Automotive Control Unit should always be ported with updated version of the software and security patches. This is essential for the security and efficient operations. Learn how a Flash Bootloader software plays an important role and understand the step-by-step process of ECU re-programming.

Mar 27 2019



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