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What are the Hardware Modules that Power a Car Heads-up Display (HUD) System?

An Automotive Head-up Display (HUD) system is one of the critical components of a Digital Cockpit Solution. What role does a car HUD play in delivering Connected Car Experience to today’s customers? What are the fundamental hardware modules of a Car HUD system? Find about all this in this vlog.

Jul 11 2019

CES 2017 automotive spotlight: Augmented Reality (AR) based Heads-up Display (HUD)

Augmented Reality (AR) based Automotive Head-up Display (HUD) was the show stopper at CES 2017. Learn more about the production-ready Car Heads-up Dislplay solutions showcased by Harman, Continental, Visteon and Panasonic

Jan 24 2017

HUD (Heads-up Display) Apps for Android/iOS – an analysis and comparison

What is the difference between an HUD App and a Car HUD product? What are the advantages and downsides of Android and iOS HUD Apps available in app-stores , here is a complete analysis

Aug 25 2016

What is heads-up display (HUD) for Cars? Learn about the embedded software, device drivers and stacks

Automotive head-up display market is expected to reach $2.09 bn by 2022. With our proprietary Car HUD hardware and software design, you can launch Car HUD product in just 6 months. Find out what is head-up display and what is the HUD software architecture, software stacks and drivers.

May 17 2016

How Automotive ECU Consolidation is Powering the Multi-Display Infotainment System in Cars

Your car has a lot to tell you and one display is certainly not enough for it! Thanks to the concept of automotive ECU convergence, the multi-display infotainment system is now a reality. Get a detailed insight here

May 30 2018

From BMW, Mazda to Mercedes, The Curious Case of Integration of the Car Head-up Display with Infotainment

Car Head-up displays enhance the safety features that the OEMs are already incorporating in the vehicles. Integrated head-up display and infotainment system is further enhancing the driving experience and making the drive smoother and safer. The blog discusses how OEMs are shaping up the combination of head-up display and infotainment system and what the future holds for them

Feb 08 2018

How Combiner Glass in Head-Up Display (HUD) works?

All you need to know about the physics and optics behind Combiner Glass. Know how it powers the Augmented Reality (AR) in Car Head-up Display.

May 31 2017

What is Car HUD market potential? Answers from the global research reports

Global reports predict growth of 23.2% CAGR in Heads-up Display sales for 2015-2025. Find out more insights from the global research and studies on Head-up Display market. Learn about the technology challenges in Car HUD development project.

Oct 14 2016

A Car with a Cockpit: How Digital Cockpit Solutions are Making This a Reality

Personalization, Connectivity & Safety are the three factors fuelling innovations in the automotive industry. The emergence of digital cockpit solution , a unified avatar of your Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Head-up Display, has aptly encompassed these three innovation commandments. How? Find out in this blog .

Apr 04 2019

Car HUD embedded software, hardware design – an EFY analysis

IOT news website electronicsofthings.com covers Embitel’s new launch, the car head up display, from conception to implementation, and spells out its features and hardware.

Jun 06 2016



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