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What are the Infotainment Testing Success Mantras that your Automotive Embedded Systems Development Team Should Ace?

What does it take to achieve 100% coverage during testing of the Infotainment Solution? Let’s learn from the experts and find out some interesting insights about role of testing in success delivery of your In-Vehicle Infotainment projects.

Jul 16 2019

Infotainment v/s Instrument Cluster: Why a Digital Instrument Cluster is an Ideal Low-Cost Solution for Electric Scooters

A micro-controller based Instrument Cluster is a low-cost alternative to the Application Processor based Infotainment System. We understand why this alternative is important for Electric Scooter OEMs’ and further trace down the key difference between the features offered by Infotainment System v/s Instrument Cluster.

Jun 11 2019

A Curious Case of In-Vehicle Infotainment System for Two-Wheelers

For An Electric Bike Rider, data like Distance to the next charging station, shortest route to destination, battery health, and more can go a long way in improving the overall experience and safety. So how does an infotainment system for two-wheelers delivers these? Curious? Read on

Dec 07 2018

How Automotive ECU Consolidation is Powering the Multi-Display Infotainment System in Cars

Your car has a lot to tell you and one display is certainly not enough for it! Thanks to the concept of automotive ECU convergence, the multi-display infotainment system is now a reality. Get a detailed insight here

May 30 2018

From BMW, Mazda to Mercedes, The Curious Case of Integration of the Car Head-up Display with Infotainment

Car Head-up displays enhance the safety features that the OEMs are already incorporating in the vehicles. Integrated head-up display and infotainment system is further enhancing the driving experience and making the drive smoother and safer. The blog discusses how OEMs are shaping up the combination of head-up display and infotainment system and what the future holds for them

Feb 08 2018

No, Android Auto is not an Infotainment OS; Make Way for Android Automotive!

Myth busted-Android Auto is not a real OS! Meet Android Automotive, Google’s new hero in the car OS market. What is Android Automotive, why would the automotive OEMs need it and how will it help the end customers are a few questions answered here.

Jun 13 2017

12 Design Strategies to develop an ‘In-Vehicle Infotainment’ System

Designing a winning IVI system an interesting challenge – user demands an intuitive HMI/GUI, a responsive touch-screen, over the air updates and seamless integration of apps, while for an OEM/Supplier minimizing driver distraction is top priority.

Mar 03 2016

Throwback 2015 – the Successes of Our Automotive Infotainment project

Our Automotive Infotainment team worked hard in the last year. Here are their accomplishments!

Jan 18 2016

Integrating V2X module in Infotainment – the top 4 embedded system components

At our software development centre in Bangalore, teams from Embitel and Savari Inc, our technology partner, are collaborating to integrate V2X (vehicle to vehicle, infrastructure and pedestrian) module in an automotive infotainment system.

Here is a sneak peek into this ‘mission possible’ with behind-the-scenes information

Jul 28 2015

What is Safety Element Out of Context (SEooC) in Automotive Functional Safety (ISO 26262)

How does one build an ISO 26262 compliant automotive system without specific functional requirements and assigned ASIL Value? The concept of Safety Element Out of Context a.k.a SEooC is the answer. Our functional safety consultants explain the concept the the process in detail. Read the blog.

Aug 27 2019



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12 design strategies to develop an "In-Vehicle Infotainment " system


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