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[Video] Why Proof-of-Concept is Critical for your IoT Success

What would you do when you face unanticipated challenges or errors during the course of IoT project development?– errors that can stall the project! An IoT PoC can help you prevent these scenarios and prepare you to overcome these challenges. Curious to know more? Watch this video.

Jan 25 2019

Cloud, Edge or Hybrid IoT Solutions: Which Computing Model is Best Suited for your IoT Application?

What computing model is the driving force behind your IoT Gateway Device and Data Analysis? Is it Cloud, Edge or Hybrid computing solution? Our IoT consultants shed some light on the computing technology, data analysis methods and best suited business use cases.

Jan 15 2019

[Video] The Curious Case of ‘Off-the-Shelf’ v/s ‘Custom Built’ IoT Gateway

In all our customer interactions related to IoT Projects, the dilemma of Build vs Buy w.r.t IoT Gateway is a common feature.In this video, our IoT Consultants have shared an evaluation framework tohelp you to resolve this dilemma.

Dec 24 2018

How an IoT Cloud Application Works? A Deep Dive into the Software Architecture and Data Flow

How is the data collected from the IoT Sensor nodes communicated to the cloud? Which software component takes care of the data storage and making them available for further data analytics in an IoT cloud application? This blog offers some insights.

Nov 09 2018

Hardware Design Guide for IoT Projects (Part II): Security, FOTA & Regulatory Compliance

Is security an integral part of your IoT hardware design process? Do you have a separate hardware checklist for prototype and production phases? This blog throws some light on IoT Hardware design best practices for your IoT project!

Nov 05 2018

Hardware Design Guide for IoT Projects (Part I): IoT Sensor Nodes and Gateway Devices

In Hardware Design for IoT Projects, in-depth understanding of business requirements is your key to success! Keeping this in mind, here is a deep dive into critical hardware design factors related to IoT Gateway and Sensor Nodes.

Oct 31 2018

Demystifying PoC Development Best Practices to Future Proof Your IoT Projects

A CISCO survey revealed that ‘60% of businesses stressed that IoT initiatives often look good on paper but prove much more difficult than anyone expected’. Our IoT experts recommend PoC development approach to overcome these challenges.

Sep 10 2018

8 IoT Design Mistakes You Should Avoid for a Successful IoT Solution Development Project

In this blog, our IoT consultants share the 8 crucial design mistakes that can derail the success of your IoT Solution Development Project. Also, find out how you can break free of these must-avoid IoT design mistakes.

Aug 07 2018

How Proof of Concept (PoC) Development Can be the ‘Stepping Stone of Success’ for your IoT projects

Proof-of-Concept (PoC) development has emerged as the go-to strategy to demonstrate the feasibility of enterprise IoT projects. In a detailed Q&A session, Vidya Sagar, Head of IoT, Embitel, tells us how PoC forms the foundation of a successful & sustainable IoT initiatives .

Jul 24 2018

What is Android Things and How It May Help to Disrupt Internet of Things (IoT)?

Google steps up its IoT game with the release of Android Things 1.0 ahead of Google I/O 2018. So, what does the release of Android Things mean for the stakeholders- the business, the developers? Read on to know all this and more!

Jun 20 2018




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