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[Video Blog] How Does a Vehicle Telematics Solution Work?

By 2025, there would be 116million connected cars on the US roads! Each of these connected cars will upload 25 gigabytes of telematics data/hour to Cloud backend. Evidently, vehicle telematics will play a huge role in shaping the future of automotive industry. So, what is the technology architecture that powers a vehicle telematics solution? Find out here.

Mar 21 2019

Trends in Vehicle Telematics Solutions that are Transforming Connected Two Wheelers from Concept to Reality

Constant rise in road accidents involving 2-wheelers and thefts of motorbike have led to need for technological interventions in order to develop intelligent motorbikes.
The blog discusses how the Automotive OEMs & telematics technology companies are paving way for digitally connected two-wheelers.

Dec 12 2018

Technology Behind Telematics Explained: How does a Vehicle Telematics Solution Work?

Collecting vehicle data from ECUs through CAN bus, relaying real-time GPS location and other fleet information to cloud server, sending automated alerts about theft, low battery or Fuel pilferage & more! How does a vehicle telematics system, dubbed as the magic box, handle so many critical functions? Find out in this blog.

Dec 05 2018

[Vlog] A Beginner’s Guide to the Embedded RTOS Programming and Kernel Porting

Real-Time responsiveness, Pre-emption, Determinism: These are some key features that make RTOS( Real-Time Operating System) an ideal choice for time-critical Applications like Solar Trackers, Telematics, Body Control Module (BCM). Watch this vlog to get more interesting insights about RTOS.

Oct 04 2019

[Vlog] Want to Understand CAN Interface and CAN NM Layers? The Layered Architecture of CAN BUS Protocol Stack has All the Answers

CAN BUS Protocol unlocked faster operations of the in-vehicle network inside an automobile. Hence a CAN BUS Protocol Stack has become an enabler of some of the path-breaking products like Android Infotainment, Vehicle Telematics, ABS & more. Let’s learn about the software architecture that makes CAN BUS Software so efficient.

Jul 24 2019

What are the Hardware Modules that Power a Car Heads-up Display (HUD) System?

An Automotive Head-up Display (HUD) system is one of the critical components of a Digital Cockpit Solution. What role does a car HUD play in delivering Connected Car Experience to today’s customers? What are the fundamental hardware modules of a Car HUD system? Find about all this in this vlog.

Jul 11 2019

[Vlog] How to DRIFT your Android OS Porting Projects!

In order to ensure that your Android Porting initiatives are completed successfully, there are certain best practices that need to be followed by your embedded product development team. Learn about them in this vlog. We talk about Bootloader design, Memory footprint, Hardware platform selection & many more.

Jun 14 2019

Infotainment v/s Instrument Cluster: Why a Digital Instrument Cluster is an Ideal Low-Cost Solution for Electric Scooters

A micro-controller based Instrument Cluster is a low-cost alternative to the Application Processor based Infotainment System. We understand why this alternative is important for Electric Scooter OEMs’ and further trace down the key difference between the features offered by Infotainment System v/s Instrument Cluster.

Jun 11 2019

What are Different Types of Flash Bootloaders that Facilitate Automotive ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Reprogramming

Automotive Applications may have unique requirements for ECU reprogramming function. While some need secure firmware updates, other might require a secondary Bootloader or an external flash driver. This blog talks about different types of Flash Bootloaders, that can help you to support unique project requirements.

May 09 2019

A Car with a Cockpit: How Digital Cockpit Solutions are Making This a Reality

Personalization, Connectivity & Safety are the three factors fuelling innovations in the automotive industry. The emergence of digital cockpit solution , a unified avatar of your Infotainment, Instrument Cluster and Head-up Display, has aptly encompassed these three innovation commandments. How? Find out in this blog .

Apr 04 2019



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