AEM: Your Solution for Advanced User Management and Enhanced Security

Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) user management features and system security policies are unveiled to help businesses to offer best customer experience and help them with security and compliance of their businesses. Learn more about how Embitel Technologies will help you in enhancing user management and system security through our AEM services.
June 12th, 2024

How Virtual Reality Try-Ons for Jewellery is Bringing Phygital Retail to Life

Curious about the future of online jewellery shopping? How about experiencing it firsthand with Virtual Try-On (VTON) solutions integrating virtual reality? Integrated with ecommerce platforms, our VTON technology offers an immersive and interactive experience, using virtual reality to let customers try on necklaces and other jewellery pieces as if they were in a physical store. Find out how our VTON solution blends augmented reality and precise facial recognition for lifelike interactions.
May 7th, 2024

Optimizing Product Information Management for Magento With Pimcore

Amidst the chaos of managing multiple stores, how can ecommerce businesses running on Magento seamlessly tailor product data to diverse audiences? Answer : through Pimcore-Magento integration. This dynamic duo revolutionizes ecommerce, empowering businesses to create personalized customer journeys effortlessly. With centralized product data, control over catalogs becomes seamless, allowing agile adaptation to pricing and promotion strategies across regions. Read on to know how Pimcore elevates Magento sites' product information management capabilities:
March 25th, 2024

How Adobe Experience Manager Benefits Fintech Companies

Fintech companies are disrupting the traditional financial services industry by offering innovative solutions that leverage technology, data, and personalization. AEM can help fintech companies gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing and evolving fintech market.
February 9th, 2024