Driving Automotive Sustainability: Telematics Innovation & Strategies

The automotive industry, by embracing innovations like telematics, sets a precedent for a future where smart solutions are integral to reducing carbon footprints amidst the growing need to integrate sustainable practices. Through this article, find out how telematics is reducing the burden caused by the automotive industry on the environment, one vehicle at a time!

What is Video Telematics? Here’s the Only Guide You Need

Modern vehicles are integrated with telematics systems that collect information such as vehicle location, speed, engine parameters, etc. But the addition of a camera system to record videos converts it into a Video Telematics solution, which is far more powerful.

Our blog takes a look at the video telematics market, trends, underlying technology, and how it is gaining grounds in the automotive industry.

How Fleet Management is Being Redefined by Smartphones Apps and Telematics Devices

Integration of intuitive smartphone apps & telematics devices with fleet management software enables companies to efficiently monitor the vehicles in the fleet. The mobile apps and telematics software enhance the capabilities of the fleet management system by recording data such as vehicle position, speeding/harsh turns, engine hours & idle time, unauthorized use of vehicles & fuel cards, vehicle condition for maintenance checks, accident alerts, and much more. These apps are also beneficial to the drivers and customers.

[Video Blog] How Does a Vehicle Telematics Solution Work?

By 2025, there would be 116million connected cars on the US roads! Each of these connected cars will upload 25 gigabytes of telematics data/hour to Cloud backend. Evidently, vehicle telematics will play a huge role in shaping the future of automotive industry. So, what is the technology architecture that powers a vehicle telematics solution? Find out here.

IoT Mobile App Development to Transform Business Processes

IoT mobile app development is a trend that has gained immense popularity over the years in the automotive and healthcare industries. Our blog walks you through some important aspects of the design and development phases of IoT mobile apps.