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iOS isn’t just about iPhones, it runs on all Apple devices, including the Apple watch and TV—a total figure of 1 billion devices, as declared by Apple in January 2016.

Reach out to this sizeable population of Apple device users with an iOS app developed by a team of trained and experienced UX designers, app developers and mobile app testing team at Embitel Technologies.

iOS app development services at Embitel

Embitel offers the combined experience and knowledge of its ecommerce consultants and app development team to offer high-quality solutions that cater to the clients’ specific requirements. Our services for iOS app development cover steps of implementation from end-to-end, to offer all solutions under one roof.

  • Strategy & Consulting
    Our consultants will conduct business and technology workshops to understand and analyse your requirements, present a mobile client architecture, and discuss mobile app technologies and information architecture (IA).
  • Mobile app development
    Development using agile processes to deliver an app optimized for speed and performance. We carry out iOS app development in Swift and Objective C, with Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks, using X Code.
  • Systems & Technologies
    Get an iOS app that fulfills all your functional and design requirements, and delivers an immersive user experience for your customers.
  • Mobile app testing
    Manual and automated testing methods to identify functionality, usability, compatibility and security issues during usage on different Apple devices.
  • Backend service integration
    Integrate your app with leading ecommerce platforms such as SAP Hybris, Magento or other CRMs and ERPs for an omnichannel experience. Integration of multiple leading payment gateway service providers.
  • Analytics & reporting
    Integration with analytics tools to identify opportunities, roadblocks and trends, increase user engagement and conversion.
  • Support services
    Even after launch, we provide support to resolve any bugs that may crop up, or build enhancements as per the client’s request in order to facilitate a top-class experience for end users.

iOS App Development Process at Embitel

At Embitel, we’ve devised the EmbiQ engagement model to maintain process quality during all stages of agile development and work towards predictable outcomes. The EmbiQ model is followed at every stage of app development.

Steps in mobile app development include:

  • Conceptualization
    At this stage, we address every aspect of the app, from target market research to what will set your app apart from the others.
  • Drawing up wireframes & designing the UI
    A wireframe is a pen-and-paper representation of the skeletal structure of your mobile app. Wireframes help you visualize your app better, even before it is created. This stage helps one assess the usability of the app and determine navigation from section to the other.
  • Development (server side logic, caching of data, synchronization of app data etc.)
    Programming and coding of your iOS app begins. Accessing backend data, configuring with servers, creating for the different sections of the app, all this is done through agile development to allow iterations and continuous improvement.
  • Testing
    A complete version of the app is finally ready, and it’s time to test it to spot bugs and effect improvements. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and beta testing may be carried out, and the testing tools may also be used to fine comb the app and test its usability across devices.
  • Deployment
    Once the app is deemed ready, it’s launched in respective app stores and marketing activities to promote the app are carried out. Even after launch, an app needs regular attention to ensure smooth functioning, bug fixes and build enhancements.

Our iOS App Development Team

Ourteam of mobile app developers and UI designers have experience in development for some of the leading names across sectors.

The Embitel app development team has extensive experience in native app development. Native apps are able to tap into the capabilities of the device they run on, it’s easier to target different screen sizes, and they support marketing and promotional activities such as push notifications. Best of all: the user experience that can be created on a native app is unmatched.

Our team offers highly customized solutions to achieve the best possible results. Whether it’s a B2B marketplace or a niche sector with special requirements, we fulfillall requirements with our extensive knowledge and experience.

Mobile app development for various industries

We’re proud to share that our ecommerce team has carried out B2B and B2C ecommerce implementation and app development for the key players in various domains. These include:

  • Marketplaces
  • Kids apparel and accessories
  • Electronics
  • Food and beverage, grocery
  • Healthcare
  • Hyperlocal services
  • Stationery
  • Jewelry

Our iOS app development customers

Customers we have developed iOSapps for include esteemed names such as

  • E-zone electronics
    Ecommerce website, Android and iOS mobile app development for electronics brand E-zone. Embitel has partnered with the Future Group to bring their brand of lifestyle electronics on the digital realm with top-of-the-class implementation.
  • BMMI
    Embitel developed a Magento webstore and created Android and iOS mobile apps with the Magento backend for Bahrain’s leading beverage retailer. The project achieved its desired outcome of increased reach and a positive shopping experience for consumers.

We have also developed native B2B, B2C and enterprise apps for renowned brands on other platforms.

Our clients have reported increased productivity and sales with the apps, and we offer support services after launch, to ensure continued good performance.

Want to increase your business reach to an extensive base of Apple users? Contact us today for iOS app development services! Mail us at sales@embitel.com

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