Managed Services

  1. Comprehensive managed services to ensure peak performance of your ecommerce store
  2. Leverage technology updates and enhancements to deliver improved user experience
  3. We take care of post go-live updates, enhancements & fixes so that you can focus on your business

We offer comprehensive end to end managed services in ecommerce and website development that ensures your web store is accessible to customers at all times. Our managed service packages include server monitoring and support, application annual maintenance (AMC) and application enhancement support (this includes both shared and dedicated resources).


Application Annual Maintenance (AMC)

Application maintenance services begin soon after the web store goes live and is included for a span of one year.
The following e-commerce services are provided under application maintenance:

  • Trouble Shooting: In case of any issues caused by bugs, application breakdown or database issues, the problem will be identified and fixed. A bug may be a program error, basic usability problem or basic functionality problem
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA): RCA will be performed in case of issues affecting customers while placing orders
  • Testing: System tests will be conducted after completing a fix and prior to migrating it to a live system

Following will not be part of AMC

  •     Enhancements to application
  •    Addition of new functionality
  •   Changes to existing functionality


Application Enhancement Support (Shared Resource)

Application support on shared resources is provided for quick execution of minor tasks. Support is provided for a pre-defined number of hours on a monthly basis. :


  •   Development Support
    • Code level changes/enhancements
    • New plug-in installations
    • Creation of new static content pages
    • Minor layout/design changes
    • Any other tasks related to the website, as decided by the client
  • Maintenance support
    • Stock replenishment
    • Logistics Air way bill
    • Creation of landing pages for promotions
    • SEO meta data update – SEO & social media solutions
    •  Product update
    • Content update
    • Promotions management
    • Integrity checking (re-testing) of the web site after every change
    • Communication with third-party service Embitel’s on client’s behalf
Application Enhancement Support (Dedicated Team)

Post implementation, e-commerce applications may need further enhancements depending on the business and market requirements. Embitel Technologies offers application enhancement support services specifically designed to match your business needs. Service plans include a dedicated developer, project manager and team leader to work on the website. The plan includes the following activities:

  • New feature development (for second phase)
  • Website redesign
  • New web store/ website for another brand
  • All functionality changes that involve more than 5 man-hours of shared support services






Case Studies

CAN Network Architecture Definition for Tractor ECU design, for an Indian OEM


Our customer is one of the largest Indian automotive OEM, who caters to several global markets as well. The project is a breakthrough in itself as it marks the beginning of introduction of electronics in agricultural vehicles in India, especially the tractors.


Business Challe

Model-Based Software Architecture Design for Tractor ECU and Body Control Module Implementation


Our customer is a highly reputed Indian automotive OEM with a large footprint in India as well as other global markets. We have partnered with this Indian OEM for a CAN network architecture design project and also for an UDS stack integration project.

Having developed trust in the quality-driven delivery p

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