UK Tier-II supplier. MIL and SIL testing of Autonomous Guidance Sys. SIMULINK, Statflow, TruckSim

Business case brief:
  • Plant Model development in Trucksim
  • Controller Model development in Simulink
  • Sensors and Actuators Modelling in Simulink
  • SIL Testing of the controller
Business case details:
  • Develop a Trucksim plant model including vehicle dynamics and inbuilt powerplant
  • Create interfaces with Simulink using VS commands
  • Developing the steering controller for the vehicle to run in guided mode and manual mode
  • Developing the place holders for sensors and actuators for the vehicle in simulink
  • Testing the controller model in loop with the plant model
  • Create animation in Trucksim
  • Tier 2 Supplier based in UK
Tools & technology:
  • SIMULINK, Stateflow, Trucksim

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