Vehicle Remote Diagnostics- Cloud Based


The aim of this application is to demonstrate exchange of data between a Cloud server and mobile devices, for the purpose of retrieving engine and battery diagnostics, vehicle location, etc.
Displaying the information in a mobile application. Any updates to the data on the Cloud server will immediately be updated on the mobile device as well.


Embitel POC

Tools and Technology

Web Application:

  • Backend Language: Python
  • Framework: Django
  • Servers: Nginx and Gunicorn
  • Services: Push Notifications

Android Application:

  • Java
  • GCM Push Notifications
  • Truck Data [Engine, Battery, Location, Diagnostics] stored in the Cloud server [remote database] will be retrieved through WebServices
  • Commands can be sent from the mobile application to the cloud server as well
  • Cloud Server sends Push Notifications to the mobile device if diagnostics information/data gets updated
  • Auto-refresh engine information every 20 seconds