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Production-grade, Android Infotainment Solution for an Electric Scooter Startup

About The Customer:

Our customer is a Europe based Electric Scooter start-up. An Android Infotainment system was always an integral part of the customer’s Electric Scooter offering.

In this context, this Europe based company intended to partner with an experienced Infotainment solution and Automotive Head-up display (HUD) product development Company.

After a few rounds of discussions and participation in our Infotainment Solution and head-up-display demo, customer developed trust in our expertise.

They decided to collaborate with us for the customization and production-grade deployment of the infotainment system.

Business Challenge:

  • The third party System-on-module (SOM) chosen by the customer supported Linux OS and not Android.
  • The third-party SOM supported only the USB camera but was required to support a different interface.
  • System was required to support FOTA not only for itself but also for other ECUs of the vehicle.
  • The time-to-market was limited.

Our software and hardware development team has successfully delivered production-grade infotainment projects for global customers.

But this being our first project for Electric Scooters, the challenges were new yet exciting.

Infotainment system for scooter

Embitel Solution:

The third-party SOM chosen by the customer supported Linux OS. Therefore, our software team first ported the Android OS to the hardware.

We configured the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol to make locking/unlocking feature functional.

Our automotive team developed an infotainment system with following features:

  1. Audio App –USB Music Playback, Radio, Weather Channel.
  2. Phone App – Smartphone connectivity through BT. Synchronization of contacts, Call management.
  3. Navigation Engine integrated with the software.
  4. Camera Integration with driver development and Hardware Abstraction Layer.
  5. Integrated Connectivity modules- Bluetooth, BLE, GSM, GPS, Wi-Fi.
  6. Custom UI on top of the Android OS.

Embitel Impact:

We were able to leverage several reusable software components, in order to reduce development time and cost. Additionally, we also developed many specific device drivers and hardware abstraction layer.

  • Developed HAL and device drivers and Java Native Interface for camera integration.
  • CAN device driver development for ECU update application.
  • FOTA and reprogramming of vehicle ECUs.
  • Custom UI integration.

Tools and Technologies Used:

  • Cross compiler tool chain for ARM.
  • Freescale MFG tool for flashing.
  • Busmaster for simulating vehicle movement.
  • Android1 OS.
  • Android SDK.
  • Eclipse IDE for application development.

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