Predictive Maintenance Solutions

Predictive Maintenance Solution for Industrial Assets

Designed and developed by an IoT team with over 11 years of Industrial Automation experience, our advanced predictive maintenance solutions offer the following benefits:

  • Higher Asset Availability
  • Improved Work-force Productivity
  • Optimized Energy Consumption
  • Lower operational costs
  • Fool-proof Industrial Asset maintenance & support system

Features of Predictive Maintenance Solution:

We have designed a highly efficient and intelligent Predictive maintenance system for your capital intensive Industrial Assets.

Here is a sneak-peek into some of the carefully designed features to ensure a winning RoI:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your industrial equipment ,with the help of a well-designed network of IoT sensors, to help in reducing the reaction time to faults and instances of unplanned downtimes.
  • Based on your industrial maintenance requirement, this monitoring (collection of data) can be configured as either time-based or trigger-based (occurs at a specific event).
  • An occurrence of defect or failure may not be a one-day event and might have been caused due to changes in operating condition or state of an industrial asset over a period of time.
  • Our Predictive Maintenance (PdM) solution leverages Machine Learning (ML) techniques to closely study the patterns and identify any deviation in the IoT Sensor data in order to predict a possible fault.
  • This pattern learning feature along with the customized reports for root cause analysis helps a maintenance team to timely identify the defect point and avoid potential downtime.
  • Real-time Industrial IoT data is represented in a visual and graphical format for an enhanced end-user experience.
  • With its operator-centric HMI, this predictive maintenance dashboard is designed to enable accurate and faster decision-making.
  • Our Industrial IoT interface can also be integrated with touch, voice and gesture based controls as per your business requirements.
  • With integrated advanced AI and data analytics tools, enable your industrial maintenance and support teams to make more accurate and intelligent decisions.
  • These AI tools are used to gain insights from volumes of sensor data, which are crucial to make critical predictive maintenance decisions.
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    Components of Industrial Predictive Maintenance Solution

      Predictive Maintenance Solutions

      Following are the primary components of our predictive maintenance solution:

    • Sensor network for Data Collection: A powerful network of intelligent sensors integrated with the industrial assets to constantly monitor their conditions. These sensors collect real time data regarding current health of the assets. The collected data is compared with the preset threshold values to detect or predict malfunctions
    • IoT Gateway hardware and software: Microcontroller Hardware board and software design of the IoT Gateway can be custom-made as per the project requirements.

      This IoT gateway acts as a communication bridge between the sensor nodes and cloud back-end.

    • Data Processing Algorithms: Raw data from sensors is converted into actionable insights at the Cloud backend.

      Depending on the project requirements, data processing algorithms (including AI, ML and more) can be integrated with the Cloud Application

      Cloud backend also hosts databases and an interface is designed to manage integrated third party systems

    • Mobile and/or Web interface: With operator centric HMI/UI, the mobile app and/or web dashboard act as a central control unit for managing the plant operations

      Data is made available real-time and user-role management, report generation and other plugin integrations can be customized as per the requirements.


    Expertise in IoT Tools and Technologies

    • Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT): Regarded as a very versatile and lightweight protocol, MQTT is ideal for environments that allow optimal bandwidth usage. MQTT protocol has minimal code footprint and can run on any type of operating systems.
    • NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT): Designed for applications that require to communicate small chunks of data over longer periods of time, NB-IoT technology consumes less power, is easy to deploy, offers extended long range coverage and is very reliable and secure.
    • Open Platform Communications (OPC): OPC is one of the most widely used protocols for the reliable and safe exchange of data. OPC is a great value addition to an IoT system as it can facilitate safe streaming of data to desired destinations such as a cloud app or a third party app. Some of the data types captured in OPC are:
      • Real time parameter data
      • Historical Data
      • Alarm and alerts
      • Commands


    IoT in Action: Success Stories

    Find out how we are partnering with industry leaders to create intelligent, fool-proof industrial maintenance systems using Predictive Maintenance:


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