Android And Linux Porting Services For Embedded Systems


Porting of Android or Linux in Embedded Product: Advantages and Best Practices

Porting of open-source Linux and Android for embedded product development, instead of porting a proprietary operating systems offer several advantages.

Following are some of the advantages:

  • Android and Linux OS is GPLv2.0 licensed. This means these are open-source software and hence one ends-up saving licensing cost
  • Support and maintenance services for proprietary OS, device drivers and kernels may not be available free of cost.
  • Porting Android or Linux operating systems provides flexibility to the project. Your developers can integrate customized and open-source software packages and components.
  • Linux or Android porting, more often than not, results in reduced time-to-market. This is due to the availability of open-source software packages that may need minimum customisations


Before kick-starting your Android or Linux porting projects following are some of the best practices your embedded software development partner should take care of:

Android/Linux Software Porting Services for Embedded Solution Development

  • End-to-end development and support for Bootloader, device driver, kernel development and root-file system integrations for Android or Linux porting.
  • Expertise in customization and optimization of device drivers for bootloader and kernel
  • Testing services: Expertise in open-source and proprietary tools for functional testing and sanity testing of each module. Expertise in writing customized test frameworks.
  • System Profiling: Performance testing and optimization, memory optimization using static analysis of memory usage (trace-cmd, memInfo, TOP, nice, perf , valgrind, omapconf (TI Specific) and other benchmarking tools). Boot-time optimization for Android and Linux Operating Systems,
  • Firmware and Software Update: development and support for Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) and/or Over the Air (OTA) updates for micro-controllers and Android/Linux OS respectively.
  • Android porting expertise:

    • Support for Android BSP porting to custom hardware platform and up-gradation to latest Android OS versions
    • Support for Android CTS (Compatibility Test Suit) and Application development as per the CTS compliance.
    • Customization of wireless Bluetooth Stacks like Bluez / Bluedroid
  • Linux porting expertise:
    • Support for Linux BSP porting to custom hardware platform and up-gradation to latest Linux OS versions
    • Expertise in YOCTO buildroot framework.
    • Customization, development and integration with new software stacks like OBD-II
    • Expertise in Jenkins, CI and CB.
    • Integration of Flash memories Like NAND and NOR


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