Solar Energy Harvesting Platform

An IoT Solution for Efficient Solar Energy Harvesting

Return on Investments (RoI) of your Solar Energy plant is majorly dependant on the efficient harvesting of the energy by the Solar Panels. This can be ensured only when the solar panels follow the sun’s trajectory efficiently throughout the day.

Our industry proven, IoT based Sun Tracking system and intelligent software solution is designed to help you achieve the best out of your investments

Our IoT based Solar Energy Harvesting platform comprises of following components:

  • An IoT system designed in a master and slave architecture of trackers to control the Solar PV modules
  • A Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) system for remote monitoring and control of the field-deployed Solar Panels

Features of IoT platform for Solar Energy Harvesting:

  • Zigbee protocol for communication between master and tracker controller ensures reduced power footprint. As a fallback mechanism, RS 485 Ring topology can also be implemented in case Zigbee fails.
  • The provision of 4G and RJ45 ensure fool-proof connectivity between master controller and the server.
  • Environmental factors like wind and temperature can impact the efficiency of the solar panels. Wind sensor in the master controller warns the system of unsafe wind speed and the temperature sensors ensure the maintenance of safe temperature range
  • SPA makes this solar energy harvesting platform a winning solution. Solar Position Algorithm takes in Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Date and Time and calculates the position of the sun along the day.
  • Based on the sun’s angle, the tracker sends the signal to the inclinometer attached to the solar panel to change the angle of the panel and align it to the sun.
  • There can be instances when the master controller cannot connect with the server. The IoT solution takes care of this problem by storing 7 days backlog data in the flash memory of master controller. Your valuable data is never lost when our system is at work.
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    Components of IoT powered Solar Tracking System:

    • Master Controller: The master controller is responsible for coordinating and controlling the solar trackers. The data collected by the trackers are sent to the master and subsequently to the cloud for storage and analysis purpose. Master controller can be connected to the tracker via Zigbee protocol, WiFi and other protocols as per the requirement.
      Master Controller
    • Tracker Controller:Tracker controller is the component that does the hard work. It takes in input from master controller and controls the AC/DC motor drive that in turn moves the Solar PVs accordingly. It has the sun position algorithm, Zigbee module, RS 485, serial NOR flash, temperature and wind sensors and a few other component.
      Tracker Controller
    • Interface for hand-held device /Web-Dashboard: The SCADA based interface allows the monitoring and control of the master controllers and in turn the tracker controller and actuators.
      The web-dashboard is a customizable interface that displays real-time data from different master controllers. The design and navigation of the dashboard can be customized based on the implementation of the solar trackers.
      The multi-functional dashboard can also send pre-programmed commands to the master controller viz. CLEAN, STOW, RESET, OTA etc.


    IoT Services for Customization of Solar Energy Harvesting Platform

    IoT Sensor Device Design
        • Hardware Specific Sensor Software Development services
        • Design Services for Sensor Node Hardware
        • Support for Sensor Device Maintenance


    Gateway Development
    • IoT Gateway Device and Sensor Nodes Communication
    • IoT Gateway Protocol Integration like Zigbee, Wi-Fi
    • Gateway Software Development
    • IoT Gateway Software Testing Services

    IoT Cloud App Development
    • Cloud WebApp Development
    • Cloud Database Development services
    • IoT Data Analytics and Reporting
    • User Web Dashboard Development

    IoT Mobility Services

    Expertise in Tools & Technologies

    • Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT): MQTT is built for “Internet of Things”. Its lightweight nature makes it compatible with some of the smallest devices used in IoT.
    • Zigbee Protocol: Zigbee is an industry-standard wireless communication protocol ideal for implementation where data exchange is occurring within a range of 100 meters. Its low power foot-print makes it a preferred protocol for industrial IoT.
    • RS485 & MODBUS: RS-485 is one of the most reliable standards for use in serial communication system. MODBUS is a protocol that has impressive compatibility with RS-485.


    Solar Harvesting: Customer Success Stories

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