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Ecommerce Services Suite

A comprehensive range of services to Transform Your
Digital Commerce vision into Reality

Ecommerce is no longer just an additional channel of revenue and growth for the myriads of brands and business organizations spread across the globe.

Let’s have a look at what the contemporary market reports indicate…

While having a solid ecommerce vision is half the battle won, it is just that – only half the battle won! 

Many brands that claim to have a strong digital estore are still facing hardships like:

Strong digital estore

Cluttered Menus

Complicated Checkout Processes

High Cart Abandonment

Insufficient Product Information

Prioritising Website Aesthetics over Functionalities

Inefficient Handling of Peak Time Traffic

Partner with us for comprehensive ecommerce services to address your digital pain points and future-proof your business.

Embitel - Your Trusted Ecommerce Services Partner

Here at Embitel, we work closely with the customers to evaluate their business model and their vision, during our ecommerce consulting workshop. We then create a tailor-made ecommerce services roadmap that is in alignment with their business and digital transformation goals.

We help you in building and developing a robust and optimized ecommerce site with the following attributes:

Highly Scalable & Customizable
Highly Scalable & Customizable as per changing user behaviour and business objectives
Omnichannel brand-customer interaction
Experience Management
Seamless Experience Management with faster checkouts, Quick page loads, Interactive Search, faster payments & more
Highly responsive
Highly responsive design = Maximum user Satisfaction ( No cart abandonment
Guaranteed Security
Guaranteed Security and High Performance
Automated and optimized
Automated and optimized product catalogues across channels

Whether you are a brick & mortar business seeking to foray into online business, or an established e-store looking for robust solutions to boost sales, our ecommerce experts can help

Embitel’s Complete Range of Ecommerce Services

Range of Ecommerce Services

Customers across the globe, from a wide spectrum of industries – have trusted us to solve their critical ecommerce challenges though innovative and simplistic solutions.

Global brands, in retail , banking , lifestyle, manufacturing and consumer goods have partnered with us for comprehensive ecommerce services to leverage modern enterprise-grade commerce platforms including Adobe Commerce (Magento), SAP Hybris.

Let’s have a quick glance at our complete ecommerce services suite:

Strategic Consulting
Ecommerce Strategic Consulting
  • Evaluating the business requirements
  • Devising customized ecommerce technology strategy (PWA, Omnichannel Commerce, M-Commerce, RapidRetail, Onsite Search, Store-In-Store & more)
  • Identification of ecommerce technology that meets all needs
Omnichannel Commerce Solution
Omnichannel Commerce Solution Design & Development
  • Research & user-behavior guided design
  • Branding, Wireframing
  • Omnichannel and responsive Enterprise-grade website development and deployment
  • QA & Performance Optimization
Omnichannel Commerce Solution Design & Development
  • Research & user-behavior guided design
  • Branding, Wireframing
  • Omnichannel and responsive Enterprise-grade website development and deployment
  • QA & Performance Optimization
Omnichannel Commerce Solution
Business Analytics and Intelligence
Polygon 3
Ecommerce Business Analytics and Intelligence
  • Structured data consolidation
  • Forecasting and visualization
  • Advanced data analytics and reporting
  • User Experience analysis
  • Product specific analytics
Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring System development
  • Lead Nurturing & Demand Generation strategy & evaluation
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Campaign management
Ecommerce Managed Services
Ecommerce Managed Services
  • 24*7 monitoring & maintenance support
  • Multi-level IT support (L1, L2, L3)
  • End-To-End management of Marketplace operations
  • Integration with existing Support Service Infrastructure
Ecommerce Managed Services
  • 24*7 monitoring & maintenance support
  • Multi-level IT support (L1, L2, L3)
  • End-To-End management of Marketplace operations
  • Integration with existing Support Service Infrastructure
Ecommerce Managed Services
Asset Management
Polygon 3
Product and Digital Asset Management
  • Product & Inventory management
  • Product Catalog & Order management
  • PIMCORE API development
  • CMS customization and integration
  • DAM configuration & integration
Multi-faceted Integrations
Multi-faceted Integrations
  • Integration with ERP, CRM
  • Logistics service provider & Merchant services provider
  • Integrations with Chat Support & Helpdesk
  • Integration with ecommerce data
  • Integration with Financing & Accounting software
Healthcare companies


We help healthcare companies to leverage ecommerce to ensure that their customers have easy access to essential health supplies and information.

Ecommerce Platform Migration
  • Platform migration strategic action plan & consulting
  • Data and digital asset migration strategy
  • Migration to High performance platform (Custom framework or bespoke platforms)
  • Post-migration support and maintenance
Ecommerce Platform Migration
Mobile App Development
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Mobile App Development
  • M-commerce consulting & Roadmap creation
  • App conceptualization
  • Native App design & development
  • Cross-platform app design & development
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • QA & performance optimization

Leveraging Ecommerce to Optimize Growth & Streamline Operations: Customer Success Stories

Over the past decade, we have partnered with global brands for enterprise grade ecommerce services and solutions based on their business requirements – be it B2B, B2C and B2B2C, multivendor marketplace, omnichannel or mobile app solutions. Here are some successful accounts of collaboration with leading retail and business organizations.

Cornerstones of Our E-commerce Services

If you talk to us, within few minutes into the conversation, you will understand that,

Ecommerce services framework.


Digital-first approach

Innovation & strategy

Simplicity & clarity on Technology

are the cornerstones of our ecommerce services framework.

To help us serve our customer and, in turn, help our customer achieve their ecommerce vision, we keep on reinventing, evaluating, learning and relearning our ecommerce technology selection.

Ecommerce Platforms We Support

We leverage some of the most robust, secure and high-performance ecommerce platforms to future proof your ecommerce business.

Why Partner With Embitel?

15+ Years of Digital Commerce Experience

We have helmed the development & implementation of some of the most exciting and innovative digitalisation projects, leveraging Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Experience, in the past 15+ years.

A Team of 400+ Experts

Experienced ecommerce consultants for Adobe Commerce, commercetools, AEM, PIMCORE, Hybris and more.

More than 500 Projects Delivered

Our expertise spans multiple geographies and formats. Key industries include Grocery, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom and Finance.

Industry Experience

Customer Testimonial


Right from the requirement gathering to e-store implementation and final deployment phase – Embitel team offered no-fail, continuous support to us.

Thanks to their deep domain knowledge and an eye for details, we witnessed a 45% record increase in sales and a 50% increase in new customers who shopped with us.

Their ecommerce services are highly recommended for all your ecommerce business needs.”

Business Head,
Leading Supermarket Retail Group


Team Embitel’ s responsiveness to issues and concerns is remarkable.

Their guaranteed support, insightful suggestions and digital commerce services proved very valuable throughout our ecommerce journey.

With their support, we successfully launched an ecommerce store leveraging the latest Headless Commerce concept. Thanks to them, we registered a 125% increase in sales and revenue.”

Premium Retail Group, Middle East

FAQs on Embitel’s Ecommerce Services

What are the cost and timelines associated with the development of an ecommerce site for my business from scratch?

Ans. The cost and timelines are purely dependant on the following: –

  • How complex or simple you want to keep your ecommerce website?
  • What strategies are best suitable to achieve your business goals (whether Omnichannel or website-only ecommerce is required, Headless Commerce vs Traditional Commerce, which M-commerce strategy is required – PWA or Cross-platform app or Native App & more)

If time is a critical component and you are keen on deploying a fully-functional ecommerce site with predefined integration and webpages within a matter of 8-12 weeks, then our Magento Rapid Deployment Packages (RDP) would be apt for you.

The RDP solution packages are available in 3 variances viz. The Starter, the Express & the Accelerator. They are specially crafted for B2B, B2C or Hybrid businesses with varying budgets. You can write to us at sales@embitel.com if you want to explore more about our Magento Rapid Deployment Packages

How can I decide on what ecommerce platform is best suitable for my business? Do I need a mobile app too in addition to an ecommerce portal?

Ans: Starting an ecommerce business and creating an ecommerce action plan can seem daunting, especially if you have been working in traditional (read offline) commerce model.

To help you identify the best ecommerce platform and create an ecommerce & IT roadmap that best suits your business use case, we can schedule a Technology consulting workshop with our Digital Commerce Experts.

During the technology consulting workshops, performed as part of our Ecommerce consulting services, our digital consultants will:

  • Study and understand the target consumer & market trends
  • Identify the right digital strategy that delivers profitable growth
  • Choose the best ecommerce platform that adapts and scales up along with their business needs
  • Design agile and flexible ecommerce solutions
  • Identify and strengthen core competencies

To schedule a free one-to-one consulting workshop, get in touch with us sales@embitel.com

I have an ecommerce website that is not optimized for performance and cannot handle peak time traffic. Can you help me address these concerns? Is this covered under your ecommerce services suite?

Ans. Absolutely yes! Our ecommerce services vision is to help customers have a successful and sustainable digital transformation journey.

We will first analyse your existing ecommerce website to understand the underlying issue and then accordingly create an action plan to fix and mitigate the issue mentioned.

Sometimes, the underlying cause of such performance-related issues can be mapped to the ecommerce platform running your e-store. We have had numerous experiences in the past, where the main cause of a slow and underperforming e-store was an outdated ecommerce platform. In such cases, the most effective and impactful solution is to replatform/migrate to a robust and high-performing ecommerce platform, rather than doing a temporary fix to the existing portal.

Read some of the success stories where we have helped our customers accelerate their growth through ecommerce makeover and replatforming.

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