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PIMCORE Development & Integration Services

Reimagine Your Digital Resource Management with Pimcore

Are You Struggling with Data Overload and Scattered Assets?

As an ecommerce retailer or brand, managing extensive volumes of data and digital assets across various systems and channels can be quite daunting!

Maintaining accurate and detailed product information is extremely critical in today’s experience-oriented digital landscape.

However, with growing customer touchpoints and channels, maintaining data accuracy can be challenging.


Is it possible to ensure data accuracy and quality in such a complex multichannel scenario?

The answer is Yes! With a robust Product Information Management (PIM) system such as Pimcore.

With Pimcore, you can remodel how your business handles product information!

With our expert Pimcore development & consulting services, you can customize and optimize the platform to perfectly align with your business needs.

This not only enhances your data management capabilities but also ensures consistency, accuracy, and accessibility across all channels.

Embitel : Trusted Partner for Seamless Pimcore Development & Integration Services

There is a lot that a robust Product Information Management (PIM) solution such as Pimcore can do to make your life easier! Let’s explore them in this section.

In addition to centrally managing business data and ecommerce product information, Pimcore provides you:


Omnichannel Brand Consistency Unable to maintain a consistent brand experience across various channels?

Seamlessly manage and integrate digital assets with Pimcore’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) capabilities, delivering a cohesive brand experience every time.

Drive Sales & Customer Engagement

Empower your customers with accurate, detailed information, driving informed buying decisions and boosting sales.


Cross-team Collaboration
Are disjointed workflows slowing down your operations?

Pimcore’s Workflow Management System enables cross-team collaboration, allowing you to design, track, alter and customize workflows and processes according to your business needs using its open-source workflow management module.

Gain Significant Business Benefits

Our customised Pimcore development solutions are designed to save time and resources by eliminating manual and cumbersome data management tasks.


Better Control over Product Data
Pimcore acts as a central, single source of truth for all your business and ecommerce product information, eliminating instances of scattered and unstructured data or data silos.


360-degree View of Data

Are you dealing with complex data landscapes?

Consolidate diverse data types—from product and customer information to employee and vendor data—with Pimcore’s Master Data Management (MDM) functionality.

Whether it’s product data, customer information, or partner data, Pimcore ensures data accuracy and accessibility across all touchpoints

Be Flexible & Scalable Whether you’re a small retailer or a large manufacturer, Pimcore can easily scale up with your business, adapting to your growing needs.

Embitel : Trusted Partner for Seamless Pimcore Development & Integration Services

With Embitel, you can streamline your digital data management and take your ecommerce business to new heights.

Our comprehensive Pimcore services empower you to manage your product catalog, digital assets, and data with ease, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and efficiency across all touchpoints.

Let’s quickly look at how our services are aligned to help you leverage Pimcore’s advanced capabilities for your business:

Product Catalog

Product Catalog Management

  • Customization and Integration of PIMCORE with Magento Ecommerce website
  • Inventory Management Module development and integration
  • Product Pricing Module to support dynamic pricing w.r.t stores/geography/region
  • Multi-Store creation and Management

PIMCORE API Development

  • Rest APIs Development
  • Product List APIs; Stock List APIs; Order List APIs; Customer API
  • Designing Secure APIs with API Key
  • “POST” function is used in the place of “GET” for enhanced security.
  • Curl (PHP service) configuration to call PIMCORE APIs
Order Management

PIMCORE Order Management Module

  • Order Scheduling using PIMCORE
  • Order Fulfillment Workflow Customization
CMS Customization

CMS Customization and Integration

  • Creation of CMS pages (custom pages, posts)
  • User Experience Personalization
  • Commerce and Content Integration
  • Mobile App Development with PIMCORE backend
Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management

  • DAM Module configuration and integration
  • Required API development
  • Image design and modification
Development and Integration

Generative AI-Pimcore Integration

  • Auto generate SEO friendly product description with GEN AI tool
  • Integrating Gen AI Rest API with PIM module of e-store

The architecture framework of PIMCORE with open stack technologies like PHP, Redis, MySQL etc offers seamless connectivity between 3rd party services and PIMCORE.

architecture framework of PIMCORE

Why Embitel ?

17+ Years of Industry Experience

With a niche focus on E-commerce and Digital Experience Management.

A Team of 400+ Experts

PimCore, Adobe Commerce, Commercetools, AEM, Hybris, Mobile Apps, PWA and more...

500+ Projects Delivered

Across industries, geographies and formats such as Retail, Grocery, Telecom, Gifts, Manufacturing, etc.

Embitel is a recognised Pimcore Development Solution Partner:

Industry Experience

Celebrating Our Commitment to Ecommerce Excellence

Customer Success Stories: Pimcore Services

Struggling to keep track of your marketing assets, whether online or in-store? Explore how Pimcore DAM helps you create consistent and captivating experiences for your customers,
wherever they are.

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FAQs on PIMCORE Development Services

Why is PIM used?

Ans. PIM stands for Product Information Management and is one of the most sought after solution for central and automated management of business and ecommerce product data.

A Product Information Management solution acts as a central hub and is helpful in ensuring that your business data across all departments and touchpoints can be gathered, altered, tracked, and accessed.

In a dynamically expanding ecommerce and digital landscape, where data sources are widening with multiple touchpoints and content hubs, managing such volume and variety of product information ( text, video, images) is extremely taxing. You will be faced with multiple concerns such as :

  • – What is the source of the product data?
  • – Who owns it? Is it the latest data and what is its version?
  • – Who all in your organization can update or access it? Is it accurate and consistent? Is there data duplication?

A Product Information Management software such as Pimcore can help you answer these questions and streamline these action items.

How? Learn from our Pimcore development experts

What is Pimcore used for?

Ans. While Pimcore is known primarly as a Product Information Management solution, it is much more than that.

Pimcore also helps in digital asset management (DAM) and master data management (MDM).

You can view Pimcore as a comprehensive platform used for managing and integrating various aspects of digital business processes and customer interactions.

Refer to the next FAQ for more insights into these modules.

Embitel’s innovative Pimcore development framework lets you customize solutions that meet specific business needs, whether it’s for data management, digital asset organization, customer insights, or eCommerce capabilities.

By leveraging our Pimcore services, you can enhance your overall data management & operational efficiency, improve customer engagement, and drive digital transformation.

What modules does Pimcore integrate?

Ans. Ans: Pimcore integrates several powerful modules that can be used in combination or as standalone solutions, depending on your business needs. The core modules of Pimcore include:

  • a. MDM (Master Data Management): MDM module is the ultimate solution for ecommerce brands, ensuring your product data meets compliance, governance, and risk management standards. It guarantees data quality and completeness, delivering tailored content for each channel.
    With its multi-domain capability, Pimcore MDM maintains data integrity across all domains, making it a compelling investment for brands seeking seamless data management and maximum impact in the digital marketplace.
  • b. DAM (Digital Asset Management): This module facilitates the organization, management, and distribution of digital assets such as images, videos, and documents.
    Imagine having all your ecommerce digital assets—product images, videos, and more—organized and easily accessible, no matter where you sell. This is what Pimcore DAM does for you!
  • c. CDP (Customer Data Platform): This module consolidates and unifies customer data from various sources, providing a single customer view that helps in personalizing marketing efforts and improving customer engagement.
  • d. Content Management System (CMS): The Pimcore CMS with intuitive tools and a user-friendly interface enables easy content creation, editing, and management while ensuring that you can offer personalized content delivery based on user behaviour, preferences, and demographics.

Our comprehensive Pimcore development model leverages these modules to create tailored solutions that address specific business requirements.

How many companies are currently using Pimcore?

Ans. As per market data (source: Builtwith), as many as 25.5k websites leverage Pimcore.

This signifies the growing popularity of Pimcore as a reliable software for comprehensive product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) to ensure that the quality, consistency, and accuracy of your ecommerce and business data is maintained throughout.

If you are seeking a robust solution to address data silos and unstructured data within your organization and to centralize the curation, distribution , and management of your ecommerce product information , our Pimcore development experts can help you.

Write to us: sales@embitel.com for a quick demo!

Is Pimcore a DAM?

Ans.Pimcore is more than just a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system; it’s a comprehensive platform that includes DAM capabilities as one of its core features.

With Pimcore DAM, you can streamline workflows, collaborate effectively, and deliver compelling content across various channels.

Whether you’re a marketer, content creator, or e-commerce professional, Pimcore DAM provides the tools you need to enhance your digital asset management strategy and drive business growth.

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