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Adobe Learning Manager
(ALM) Services

Empower customers and employees with
immersive learning experiences

Adobe Learning Manager, formerly known as Captivate Prime, is a one-stop source for all your digital learnings. This e-learning platform makes it easy to learn new skills, complete training and courses, track progress and earn rewards.
Getting yourself updated with the latest skills in this ever-changing tech-savvy world is made possible with Adobe’s all-inclusive e-learning solution at your fingertips. ALM is a headless learning platform which is accessible to learners anywhere and anytime.

Embitel provides end-to-end support and assistance with Adobe Learning Manager integrations along with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) and other Adobe services.

Our Services

  • Targeted training and consulting to enhance customer onboarding
  • Assisted implementations by leveraging AEM’s deployments and methodologies
  • Immersive experience offerings across touchpoints
  • Flawless solution development through the adoption of best practices
Design and Development
Design and Development
  • Initiate consulting services during the first year of the contract for at least 2 months
  • Map out an outline of design & analysis activities
  • Facilitate product review and check the set-up done by customer
  • Integrate ALM connectors for SSO (Single Sign-on) and/or external connectors
  • Enable migration and review solution
Design and Development
  • Initiate consulting services during the first year of the contract for at least 2 months
  • Map out an outline of design & analysis activities
  • Facilitate product review and check the set-up done by customer
  • Integrate ALM connectors for SSO (Single Sign-on) and/or external connectors
  • Enable migration and review solution
Design and Development
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  • Step-by-step implementation of activities by verifying ALM solution requirements
  • Initiating project collaboration plan.
  • Interpretation of Discovery document & use cases.
  • Reviewing launch readiness by co-ordinating customer and partner performance based on deployment best practices.
  • Strategic guidance from Customer Service Management team at Adobe and focused group trainings on ALM
  • Tech support for SSO (Single Sign-on), integration services and new Adobe or external connectors
  • Support for a single Agile sprint with maximum 5 years of data
Solution Partner

Our specially-crafted solutions empower you to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across all customer touchpoints. 

Our specially-crafted solutions empower you to deliver personalized and seamless experiences across all customer touchpoints. 

How Embitel can help you with Adobe LMS?

Embitel is an authorized Adobe Silver Solution partner with over 17 years of industry experience. Our clients are based in the APAC region, Europe, and the USA.

Our teams are experts in large AEM integrations with Magento Commerce Cloud. Our tech stack is updated with React and Angular Script for AEM.

We adhere to Agile project delivery principles while ensuring that our deliverables are of superior quality.

We help you in optimizing your framework and managing your digital platforms while empowering you to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Our teams

Build engaging customer experiences, targeted branding and
assured success!

Adobe Learning Manager Advantages

Exceptional platform experience

Co-ordination between Adobe’s platforms is smooth and consistent. Collaborating of LMS with Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Commerce and Marketo Engage is easy.

Seamless integration with apps

Third-party integration happens seamlessly through API based connectors. Apps such as Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn Learning, Power BI, Adobe Connect, Workday and many more can be integrated in LMS.

Consistent Content Streaming

ALM with the help of AEM is well equipped with flexible cloud architecture, efficient video streaming, quick and lag-free delivery of content through the customer experience journey

Reliable, Safe & Secure

Adobe Learning Manager follows GDPR compliance along with data and cloud architecture security guidelines. ALM is 508 compliant, SOC2 TYPE2 certified platform.

Unprecedented Support

You get end-to-end support from the team. All teams can benefit from customer success manager available exclusively for your organization.

Adobe Learning Manager Market Overview and Analysis

Knowledge Bytes

Adobe Learning Manager (formerly Captivate Prime) is a headless learning management tool used to offer personalized learning experiences to customers, employees, stakeholders, and everyone involved. The USP of Adobe Learning Manager is that this cloud-based tool is scalable and aids in easy integrations with other Adobe platforms.

More like a DIY platform, it enables you to set up, deliver and track your learning all by yourself.

  • Fluidic player is a unified platform that delivers content consistently to customers throughout their learning experiences.
  • Gamification is giving interesting learning experience to customers through rewards, points, badges, and certifications.
  • Personalization of learning experiences is done through AI (artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning). Personalization of courses and curriculum is made clear and understandable.
  • Customisation of home page is made simple through Drag-and-drop widgets. Home page is designed to given overview of learner’s course name, date of completion, pending courses, badges earned, and other milestones achieved.
  • LCMS (Learning Content Management System) functionality LCMS helps in managing branding, reports and insights.

Adobe LMS is not entirely free, but it offers various options for different needs and budgets.

Adobe Learning Management System FAQs

Does Adobe have LMS?

Yes, Adobe has a learning management system (LMS) called Adobe Learning Manager (formerly Adobe Captivate Prime). It is a modern, enterprise-grade LMS that allows you to deliver personalized learning experiences to customers, employees, partners, and franchisees.

Adobe Learning Manager integrates with Adobe Experience Manager, MS Teams, Adobe Connect, and other popular tools. It also supports hybrid learning, social learning, gamification, analytics, and more.

Is Adobe Learning Manager a Headless LMS?

Yes, ALM is a Headless/cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). ALM comes with in-built LMS. When ALM is merged with AEM (Adobe Experience Manager), content is managed and updated automatically. Version control, course allocation, visibility, tracking, and usage is managed by prime account of customers. The updated report is visible for admins as well.

What is Adobe Learning Manager pricing?

Adobe Learning Manager offers two pricing models: registered user and monthly active user. The registered user model is for organizations with a fixed number of learners who need continuous access to courses.

The monthly active user model is for organizations with a mix of floating learners who do not need continuous access to courses.

Pricing differs based on the model and requirements.

What is the difference between Captivate Prime and Adobe Learning Manager?

Captivate Prime and Adobe Learning Manager are both products from Adobe that offer learning management solutions. However, they have some key differences in their features, pricing, and target audience.

  • Captivate Prime is an online learning authoring tool that allows users to create interactive courses with VR capabilities, responsive video, and device-specific design. It also integrates with corporate functionality such as online learning, analytics, and compliance training. Captivate Prime is suitable for mid-sized businesses to enterprises that need a flexible and scalable e-learning solution.
  • Adobe Learning Manager is a comprehensive learning management system that facilitates efficient and engaging employee training and development. It offers a user-friendly interface and mobile accessibility, allowing learners to access training materials on various devices. It also features content authoring tools, customizable learning paths, robust analytics, and seamless integration with Adobe and third-party applications.

Adobe Learning Manager is ideal for businesses that want to deliver effective, personalized, and flexible training programs.

Does Adobe Learning Manager support all languages?

Yes, Adobe Learning Manager does support content in many languages, making it available for global audiences.

Adobe Learning Manager supports multiple languages for both the content and the interface. You can upload video files and subtitles in different languages for your courses, modules, and job aids. You can also change the language of the user interface by selecting from the available options in the settings menu.

However, not all languages are supported by Adobe Learning Manager, and some features may not work properly in certain languages.

Does Adobe Learning Manager offer an API?

Yes, Adobe Learning Manager offers an API that allows developers to interact with the learning management solution programmatically.

The API can be used to create custom learning experiences, extend the functionality of Learning Manager, or integrate it with other enterprise applications. The API documentation provides details of the various endpoints, methods, and parameters for using the API. You can also find information about API authentication, deprecations, and changes in the documentation.

Which other apps do Adobe Learning Manager integrate with?

ALM integrates well with Adobe Commerce, Adobe Marketo Engage, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn Learning, Adobe Experience Manager, Workday HCM, Microsoft Power BI.

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