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Car HUD (Heads-up Display) Software Solution

Key features:
  • Production-ready hardware and software design
  • Built for Android OS, the HUD is designed on i.MX6 platform
  • Touchless commands: Gesture control and voice recognition
  • Real-time driving data: road signs, navigation maps, lane departure alerts
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Phone widget and media app
  • 3 WiFi cameras: Road view activated on reverse gear and left/right indicators
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Software features

Android-osAndroid OS
Version 6.0 Marshmallow
maps-navigationMaps & navigation
Real - time visual data and alerts
touchless-controlsTouchless controls
Voice recognition and gesture controls
Sensor-network-services3 WiFi cameras
Activated on reverse gear, left-right indicators
virtual-gaugesVirtual gauges
Vehicle data from the OBD II port
media-phoneMedia & phone
BT for calls, messages & media streaming
Branding-UIBranding and UI
Tailor-made by UX experts for you

Hardware features

Sensor-network-servicesi.MX6 platform
For automotive multimedia features
Pico-projectorPico projector
TI’s DLP projector 854x480
gesture-moduleGesture module
IR camera/gesture sensor
wiFi-moduleWiFi module
For IP-based cameras
Location-based features, SIM card slot

Why choose Embitel for your Car HUD?

  • With embitel, you can launch your company-branded HUD product in 6 months (down from the industry average of 2.5 years), depending on your requirement.

  • We offer a production-ready HUD with proprietary hardware and software design which can be launched in the market with minimum branding and/or feature customization as per your requirement.

  • As your embedded technology partner, we provide end-to-end support for your product roadmap to the manufacturing stage.

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Production-ready design and our experienced team

  • Our Product Engineering team has in-depth project experience of delivering an infotainment system for a Tier-I supplier (Android Infotainment System designed on Freescale’s i.MX 6 platform). This system is now under production for deployment in commercial vehicles.

  • We have also delivered projects in areas of ADAS, in-vehicle networking and vehicle diagnostics.

  • Our experienced team can ensure quick turnaround in developing additional advanced Heads-up Display (HUD) features to help you achieve your product roadmap goals.

FAQs about Car Head-Up Display

Q. How does your HUD work? Do you provide on-request Demo?

    Ans. The backbone functionality of HUD depends on power supply and CAN network. For example, it can connect to OBD-II port on passenger vehicles which provides both power and CAN data.

    User can connect to the HUD using his mobile phone via Bluetooth. This enables the user to access some important features of the phone (attending calls, messaging, media player and other apps) through heads-up display screen

Q. How soon can you deliver 1K+ Orders?

    Ans. Our production-ready HUD will be available for delivery within 6-9 months for 1K+ orders.

Q. Who will have right on the user’s cloud data of cars and how it will be distributed?

    Ans. We work on a business model that gives our customer the liberty to decide on the cloud data authority.

    Embitel does not own the data as our focus is on design and manufacturing of HUD and providing relevant services.

Q. What role does the insurance company play in context of the cloud data?

    Ans. Insurance companies can take advantage of the information regarding vehicle usage and driving habits of particular user, based on which they can offer more effective business schemes and proposals.

Q. Will your team be able to support us with personalization/customization of the HUD as per our project requirements?

    Ans. Yes, our team will be able to provide the required support for the customization

Q. Is your HUD scalable? What are its future potentials?

    Ans. Yes. We plan to integrate our HUD with other systems such as V2X and ADAS systems in future.

    Preliminary development is already in progress with respect to this. Our solution can also be scaled up to multi-screen solution such as HUD + Digital Instrument Cluster or HUD + Infotainment System.

Q. Do you provide maintenance support as a service?

    Ans. Yes. We will provide maintenance support for the B2B customers.

Q. Do you have any success story of implementing your HUD for any of your customer?

    Ans. We already have a design which we have provided as a prototype for testing to a prominent Indian OEM.

Q. What are the basic software and hardware features of your HUD? Can you explain in detail?

    Ans. Our production ready hardware and software design is built on Android OS using i.MX6 platform.

    The software features include maps and navigation, touch-less controls (gesture and voice recognition), 3 WiFi cameras, virtual gauges, media streaming, calls and message can be sent and received hands-free.

    The hardware used consist of i.MX6 platform, pico-projector, gesture module(IR camera and sensors), WiFi module(IP cameras), sim card slot for GPS and GSM.

Q. What is the per unit cost of your HUD?

    Ans. Cost of our HUD is approximately $400 per unit.

Q. What is the USP of your HUD that gives it an edge over the already existing products in the market?

    Ans. We have designed this Head-up Display product after rigorous R&D of 4 years.

    Following are some of the value-addition that our heads-up display offers:

  • Our HUD is specifically designed for connected car. It supports in-vehicle connectivity and connectivity to the external environment.

  • It can be used to extract and depict accurate information of the vehicle to the end-users for enhanced driving experience

  • Our HUD is a driver information display system for connected vehicles.

Q. Are all the features of HUD enabled while using it with all types of car models?

    Ans. HUD is compatible with all vehicles without any specific restrictions.

    From OBD-II port we can have limited vehicle information. If the port is configured by the OEM as a CAN node, then a lot more information can be accessed.

Q. Will the HUD work with all mobile phones for app?

    Ans. HUD comes with a mobile phone app so that user can utilize features of HUD easily. The driver can connect to the HUD through the app and then can drive hands-free.

Q. Can you customize your HUD to integrate it with our music system?

    Ans. Yes. We can integrate music system with HUD by establishing communication between music system and the HUD




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