Understanding Body Control Module: The Brain of Body Electronics in Automotive

A car is not just about the engine and the suspension. It is the features like power steering, central lock, light-sensing headlamps etc. that make it a buyer’s desire. Ever wondered how these intricate functionalities work so seamlessly. It’s the body control module at work, acting as the brain that connects the ECUs together and pulling off every action at the users’ command. Interested to know more about the BCM unit? Read on…


AIS 140 Implementation in India: For Efficient and Safer Public Transport System

The public transport system in India is up for a complete overhaul and Automotive Industry Standard 140 (AIS 140) is a step towards it. From GPS tracking devices to emergency request button in the vehicles, AIS 140 is going to change the way public transport functions in India. Are the automotive OEMs and other stakeholders ready for it? Read on to know..


Pocket dictionary of IoT Technology: Industrial and Home Automation

In this dictionary find out more about regular IoT terminologies to help build a strong foundation towards understanding of IoT application in home automation and industrial automation system. Also learn more about big data analysis and its interrelationship with IoT in automation.


What is On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) 2 Software Stack?

Know about the fundamentals of ISO 15031 based OBD2 software stack and its application in emission control and diagnostics. Learn about the OBD2 vehicle data access, OBD-II stack implementation and challenges.


Library of Vehicle Diagnostics and Communication Software Stacks

Fast-track your automotive and after-market product development roadmap with our Library of communication and diagnostics protocol stacks which are Designed as per automotive standards.


Heads-up Display (HUD) for Future Smart Cars

Electronics Maker magazine discusses the future of Automotive HUD (Heads-up display) market with us. Learn about the software and hardware features of HUD that ensure a zero distraction driving experience through ‘touch-less’ commands (voice and gesture recognition)


What are the Trends and Challenges of Telematics Remote Vehicle Diagnostics

Want to know more about the latest trends and challenges in Telematics and Remote Vehicle Diagnostics services? Read this interview of Embitel Technologies, a design house based out of Bangalore India. Find out how Automotive OEMs’ can provide better aftermarket services through Connected Car, Telematics and Cloud-based vehicle diagnostics


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