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Ecommerce Consulting Services

Ecommerce brands today have a lot to keep track of – cutting-edge technologies, penetration of ML-based automation tools, futuristic platforms & digital channels, emerging business strategies and AI- algorithms for managing customer experience.

In such a dynamic digital landscape where global ecommerce is set to soar at 9.4% in the upcoming years, outpacing traditional retail, steering your business towards success requires more than just keeping up – it demands strategic planning.

This is where our ecommerce consulting services come into the picture.

Leading You Through Ecommerce Evolution

From enhancing customer engagement to optimizing costs and widening your market reach, our holistic ecommerce consulting model paves the way for your business to flourish in the digital age. Our veteran ecommerce consultants are helping businesses (from small-scale retailers to industry giants) to decode the intricacies of the ever-changing ecommerce and technology landscape.

We leverage the latest digital technologies, including Virtual Reality, Conversational Commerce, and AI-based Product Recommendation Engines, to fast-track your success and seize untapped opportunities to scale up and grow!

From Adobe Commerce to SAP Hybris and Pimcore, our ecommerce consultants are adept at delivering seamless customer experiences across leading ecommerce platforms.

Our ecommerce consultants can help address your online business pain points such as:

  • Existing ecommerce store audit to uncover areas for improvement
  • Creating a roadmap for ecommerce success
  • Enhancing customer engagement on the online store
  • Boosting sales through marketing automation

Beyond just providing strategic solutions, we ensure that your business thrives in the competitive digital domain. Leverage our enterprise-grade ecommerce consulting services to achieve your digital commerce goals!

Business Benefit

Partner with Us to Embark on a
Fulfilling Digital Transformation Journey!

Our experienced ecommerce consultants have been assisting leading business organizations in transforming their ecommerce vision into reality by helping them:

Study and understand the target consumer & market trends

Understand & prioritise requirements

Identify the right digital strategy that delivers profitable growth

Choose the best ecommerce platform that adapts and scales up along with their business needs

Design agile and flexible ecommerce solutions

Identify and strengthen core competencies

Streamline all their ecommerce activities - marketing, sales, logistics and inventory, customer relationship management, etc.

Fast-track their ecommerce journey through growth accelerator solutions: omnichannel & mobile commerce for B2B, B2C, B2B2C

Our Ecommerce Consulting Services at a Glance

Whether you are an emerging start-up looking to create an ecommerce roadmap or a well-established organization seeking to improve performance & maximize profit, our ecommerce consultants can help you.

We offer you customized ecommerce consulting support after gaining a detailed understanding of the unique needs and overall digital health of your business through technical workshops.

Here is a brief overview of our ecommerce consulting services offered to our clients, aimed at enhancing their business RoI with minimal disruption.

Business Process Advisory
Business Process Advisory
  • Analyse the existing business model
  • Enumerate your business requirements
  • Assess the market readiness
  • Identify omnichannel opportunities
  • Optimize infrastructure needs
design-planning (1)
Design and Planning Support
  • Analyse target audience
  • Identify and define inventory & pricing strategy
  • Plan and design ecommerce & IT roadmap
  • Define and design user-journey
  • Identify system integrations
  • Design Customer Experience management strategy
Design and Planning Support
  • Analyse target audience
  • Identify and define inventory & pricing strategy
  • Plan and design ecommerce & IT roadmap
  • Define and design user-journey
  • Identify system integrations
  • Design Customer Experience management strategy
design-planning (1)
Technology Consulting
Polygon 3
Ecommerce Technology Consulting
  • Identify the technology solution ideal for your ecommerce objectives
  • Ecommerce Platform recommendation
  • Choose the optimal and profitable cloud server solution
  • Identify channels for Customer relationship management
  • Usability and performance testing of existing ecommerce solution

Level Up Your Ecommerce Game with Our Ecommerce Consultants

E-commerce consulting success stories

Celebrating Our Commitment to Ecommerce Excellence

We were honoured with a Bronze award at Asia Ecommerce Awards 2022 in the category of Best Ecommerce Consultant. This award recognizes brands, agencies, and e-retailers, across Southeast Asia, South Asia and ANZ regions, for their outstanding ecommerce efforts.

What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Ecommerce Consulting Services

Embitel's passion and unwavering commitment were pivotal for our project's success. Their domain expertise and dedication made them an irreplaceable partner.
Mr. Hani Sai,CIO, Extra Group

We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional work that Embitel has put into migrating our complex and critical services to Azure.

Their tireless efforts and commitment to achieving first-time right deliveries with zero downtime and defects have truly set them apart.

The support provided by the team is invaluable, especially when it comes to managing cloud infrastructure costs and making critical business strategic decisions.

Global FMCG company

I am thrilled to share our remarkable journey of digital transformation alongside the collaborative partnership with Embitel. Their unwavering commitment and relentless focus on solving problems have been instrumental in our success.

Embitel's approach goes beyond being a vendor; they seamlessly integrated into our team, becoming an invaluable extension of our workforce.

What sets Embitel apart is their agility and transparency throughout the entire process. Their ability to adapt swiftly to changing requirements and provide clear communication at every stage of the collaboration has been remarkable! - Mr. Dhiraj Jha , National Head-Platform Architecture at Bajaj Finserv Markets

Mr. Dhiraj Jha, National Head-Platform Architecture at Bajaj Finserv Markets

Why Embitel Is Your Ideal Partner for
Ecommerce Consulting Services

14+ Years of Industry Experience

We focus predominantly on Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Experience Management.

A Team of 400+ Experts

Experienced ecommerce consultants for commercetools, AEM, Magento, PIMCORE, Hybris and much more.

More than 500 Projects Delivered

Our expertise spans multiple geographies and formats. Key industries include Grocery, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom and Finance.

Experienced ecommerce consultants

FAQs on Our Ecommerce Consulting Services

What is ecommerce consulting? Why does my business need it?
Ecommerce consulting services comprises of strategic deep-dive and planning activities to optimize your online business. An ecommerce consulting service provider like Embitel studies market trends, prioritizes your requirements, and identifies the right digital strategy for profitable growth. Our ecommerce consultants are like your digital growth partner, focusing on strengthening your core competencies and ensuring profitable growth.
What does an ecommerce consultant do?
As your partners of digital success, our ecommerce consultants can help you catapult your ecommerce store to new heights. Here’s how they do it:
  • Study and understand the target consumer & market trends
  • Understand & prioritise requirements
  • Identify the right digital strategy that delivers profitable growth
  • Choose the best ecommerce platform that adapts and scales up along with your business needs
  • Analyze, strategize, and develop tailored plans to elevate your website’s performance
  • Identify critical feature enhancements, aligning your ecommerce store with strategic goals
  • Identify opportunities for cost savings and growth through strategic and technical innovations
  • Define strategic plans to modernize legacy applications, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising business operations.
Can you provide examples of how Embitel’s consultants have helped clients overcome key challenges in their ecommerce business?
Absolutely. Head over to our ecommerce case studies page, where you will find instances where our consultants played a crucial role in:
  • Analyzing critical challenges with the customer’s existing business premise/model.
  • Developing action plans, and implementing tailored ecommerce roadmaps.
How can I start an ecommerce business in India?
Starting an ecommerce venture in India requires careful planning and execution. Our ecommerce consulting services offer comprehensive support, guiding you through the process of establishing and optimizing your online business. From market analysis to strategy development, Embitel’s ecommerce consultants ensure that your digital business starts off on the right foot. Thinking of giving a digital facelift to your business? We are just a click away – get in touch with us : sales@embitel.com and we can brainstorm and formulate a tailor-made ecommerce implementation roadmap for your business!
How does Embitel's ecommerce consulting approach differ from others in the industry?
What sets our ecommerce consultants apart are their hands-on approach. They actively engage in the analysis phase, working closely with clients to understand their unique needs. This involvement continues throughout the development of strategic solutions, resulting in effective and personalized ecommerce roadmaps that align with business goals. There are instances where our consultants proposed solutions that diverged significantly from the client’s initial preferences. However, these alternative approaches proved to be significantly more cost and time-efficient, ultimately exceeding the clients’ expectations.
What is the cost and timeline involved in developing a full eCommerce website?
The cost and timeline for ecommerce development depend on your business objectives and budget. However the good news is that, Embitel offers RapidRetail solutions, specially curated to help you launch an ecommerce store in the shortest possible time . The solutions have been designed to suit various business types and budgetary constraints. With our quick deployment packages, you can launch a fully transactional website within 6-12 weeks. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and obtain an estimate for the ecommerce development cost. Curious to know more about the Rapid Retail solutions? Drop a mail at sales@embitel.com
How do I find the right partner for an ecommerce partnership?
For businesses embarking on digital transformation, finding the right ecommerce partner is crucial. While choosing a suitable ecommerce partner, look for someone who:
  • Can understand your organisation’s challenges and goals
  • Has solid knowledge and credible experience in your industry to ensure familiarity with market nuances. Verify the partner’s understanding of the domain and various ecommerce platforms through certifications and industry recognition.
  • Can offer credible references from potential partners to help you get insights into their past client experiences.
  • Has a comprehensive post-launch support and maintenance service plan for a long-term successful partnership
  • Is capable of adapting to changing business needs and scaling your ecommerce solution horizontally as well as vertically.
At Embitel, we have been guiding global businesses through this process, providing strategic insights and expertise in implementing and optimising ecommerce solutions. For more details and customer success stories, click here .
My e-store is hosted on a legacy platform and I am facing some performance issues. Can your ecommerce consultants offer some solution?
Certainly. Our ecommerce consultants have helped several customers in the past to address the issues arising from the usage of legacy/outdated processes and technologies. They conduct a comprehensive analysis of your existing system to identify outdated technologies or processes. They then devise a strategic roadmap for modernization, recommending technologies that align with current industry standards and ensure a seamless transition from legacy systems.
What specific benefits can businesses expect from your ecommerce consulting services based on past client experiences?
You can expect tangible benefits such as enhanced website performance, optimized costs, reduced downtime, identifying critical features or functionality failure, and strategic roadmaps tailored to your unique goals. Our ecommerce consulting services are designed to deliver measurable results and drive business growth.
Which type of website is best for ecommerce? Can your consultants assist in choosing the optimal platform for my business?
Determining the ideal website type for ecommerce depends on your business vision. Here are some website types to help you choose:
  • Transactional Site: Ideal for online shopping, these sites facilitate end-to-end transactions, integrating seamlessly with back-office systems.
  • Static Content Site: Focused on brand awareness, these cost-effective sites provide product information without enabling online transactions.
  • Online Marketplace or Auction Site: Hosted platforms bringing buyers and sellers together for transactions. Some prominent examples include eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba.
  • Apart from websites, there are alternative channels for ecommerce implementation that you can consider for audience engagement. This includes mobile apps (native and hybrid) and progressive web apps (web apps that offer an app-like functionality on a browser without needing the user to download apps into their devices). Choosing the right website and ecommerce channel is a decision critical to your business success. Our veteran e-commerce consultants can evaluate the most suitable website type and implementation channel that resonates with your marketing goals and target audience.
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