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Board Support Package Implementation and Configuration for Automotive Tier-1 Suppliers

About the Customer:

We have partnered with reputed Automotive Tier-1 Suppliers and After-market companies, from the US, Europe and India, for multiple Board Support Package (BSP) development projects.

Following is the representative list of some of our successful global automotive engagements:

  • Europe based supplier of automotive components and accessories with strong focus on body electronics.
  • An India based global supplier of automotive components catering to Automotive OEMs and also the After-market segment.
  • An Electric Vehicle company who is looking to revolutionize the global electric vehicle space with its innovative projects.

Business Challenge:

The microcontroller platform, on which an embedded automotive product is designed, needs to interact with the operating system or the scheduler (depending on the use-case) and thus there is a need for low-level drivers and hardware abstraction layers.

Board support package contains these drivers and abstraction layer libraries. It helps the hardware to interact with the upper level modules (automotive applications).

Every hardware requires a different board support package for board-bring up. Additionally, customizations need to be made depending on the functions that the hardware is supposed to perform.

The challenge, in most of the BSP development projects, is to customize the BSP with the requisite low-level drivers and hardware abstraction libraries. Rigorous testing also needs to be done with each custom module that has been added to the BSP package.

Our Automotive customers partner with us for a Board Support Package development package, based on following requirements concerned with the microcontroller platform:

  • Number of ADC channel.
  • Number of CAN channels.
  • Number of PWM channels.

In each of our BSP development projects, our team has been involved in customization of the BSP and robust integration of BSP solution with the microcontroller environment.

Our expert automotive software and hardware development teams have ensured seamless board bring-up during all our global engagements.

Embitel’s Solution:

We have developed an array of board support packages for various MCUs (Micro Controller Unit) including Fujitsu family, FreeScale family, IAR and a few other widely used MCUs in automotive industry.

Hence, we had a ready-to-deploy BSP that only needed a few customizations based on the project’s requirement.

Based on the SRS, we developed the drivers and libraries and integrated to the package. Other customization task was based on the target hardware platform and the number of CAN, ADC, and PWM channels.

Value-add Features of our Board Support Package Solution:

  • Low-level drivers such as CAN, SPI, LIN, MCU, GPT and others integrated to the package.
  • HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer).
  • Supports 8/16/32 bit microcontroller platforms.
  • Customized on the basis of target hardware platform.
  • Rigorous integration-level and module-level testing performed.
  • MISRA-C compliant code.
  • Conformance test (with multiple test-cases) for LIN and CAN bus system.
  • Our low-level drivers can be developed for both AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR architecture.
  • Support at any phase of vehicle testing after BSP deployment if any issue arises.

Embitel’s Impact:

Our ready-to-integrate Board Support Package reference solution customized to the target hardware platform was instrumental in fast board bring-up.

This reduced customer’s product’s time-to-market from 6 months to 2 weeks. The thoroughly tested BSP solution was able to reduce the power footprint considerably and also increase the boot-time.

Expertise in Tools & Technologies

  • Softune IDE, an Integrated Development Environment to develop programs for FR family of Fujitsu Microcontrollers.
  • CodeWarrior, an IDE to write program primarily for FreeScale microcontroller family and a few others.
  • IAR, a workbench primarily used for RENESAS microcontroller.
  • Greenhills, an IDE from Greenhills Software to develop BSP for PowerPC.

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