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Bootloader Software Development Project for Automotive Control Unit (ECU) Application


A highly admired Tier-1 supplier of Automotive and Industrial Thermal products. Their pursuit of Innovation has helped to develop niche in domains like aviation, medical, home and office appliances.

Business Challenge:

  • Our customer’s team was working on a tight deadline. In the application development phase, the significance of bootloader solution was realized. Bootloader software was initially not a part of the software development roadmap.
  • Customer also realized that the in-house expertise did not offer skill-sets required for bootloader software development.
  • Development of bootloader software also required specialized skills and experience in Vector tools.

Embitel Solution:

  • Our team of automotive software developers developed a Vector FNOS bootloader solution.
  • This bootloader software was designed using Vector Geny tool for the Automotive Control Unit (ECU) Application. This control unit system is designed to support Climate and Motor control features.
  • The Vector FNOS bootloader has been customized to adapt the Automotive Control Unit (ECU) application.
  • A re-programming software was developed for the non CAN network based microcontrollers on the ECU PCB.
  • This software acts as a Bootloader for the microcontrollers which are not connected to vehicle CAN network.
  • Its also helps the non CAN network depended controllers to communicate with the CAN based network which in turn communicates with the Vector FNOS Bootloader.
  • Our team also developed a bootloader re-programming utility, which is a web-based application designed on UDS(LIN) protocol using CAPL and CANoe scripting.

Why Tier-I supplier partnered with Embitel for Vector FNOS Bootloader development?

  • The business requirement of the client was complex and needed and lot of understanding about their end application.
  • Reason being, the application was already in the development phase when the requirement for a compatible FNOS bootloader was brought to our desk.
  • Embitel’s embedded software team won the confidence of the customer during consulting workshops.
  • Customer also realized the value-addition of our 10+ years of domain expertise in automotive embedded software and experience in Vector tools.

Embitel Impact:

  • Our expertise in embedded system software development helped our customer’s R&D activities to be more focused on application development.
  • Domain expertise of Embitel in Bootloader programming and vector tools such as CANoe and CAPL guaranteed the customer with quality delivery.
  • Such business solutions resulted in effective cost efficiency and reduce the time-to-market for the customer.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Software Coding language : Embedded C.
  • Tools used : Vector CANoe, Vector FNOS bootloader, Vector Geny Tool, FORD DET.
  • Automotive Protocols : UDS (CAN/LIN).

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