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Design and Development of Centralized Battery Management System with LiFePO4 Battery for EV Application

About the Customer:

Our customer is a Tier 1 BMS solution vendor and one of the leading experts in Battery Management Systems.


Business Challenges:

Our customer wanted to collaborate for a centralized Battery Management System with LiFePO4 battery for present day Electric Vehicle application. Since Embitel has shown significant progress in delivering successful BMS solutions, the customer partnered with us for this project.


Embitel’s Solution:

Embitel technolgies proposed centralized BMS for 15S11P, 6Ah, 48V LIFePO4 battery with various performance and protection features​ –

  • Design and development of battery pack by using MATLAB/Simulink.​
  • Design and development of State of Charge (SOC) estimation technique by ‘EKF+CC and State of Health (SOH) estimation.​
  • Design and development of passive cell balancing system.​
  • Design of power limit computation.​
  • Development of temperature monitoring and controlling scheme for battery.​
  • Development of protection circuits for over voltage/current and under voltage.​

Decoding the Various Steps of the Centralized Battery Management System Development

  • Complete battery management system solution for Low power application up to 48v (15S11P).​
  • Model based development (MBD)​
  • Battery Cell Monitoring and Balancing​
  • SOC and SOH estimation of battery​
  • Battery Pack Interfacing, Diagnostics and Logging​
  • Supports ASIL-D, functional safety standard ISO 26262 compliance services ​
  • Cyber Security standard ISO 21434.​


Embitel’s Impact:

The centralized Battery Management System platform software made the existing system easily configurable and maintainable to support future changes.

This challenging Battery Management System solution project was delivered within the desired time-lines and costs. This ensured reduce time-to-market and development costs for our client.

An EV friendly centralized Battery Management System with LiFePO4 battery is gradually gaining wider popularity and recognition in present day EVs. Hence, the success of this project had a long-term positive impact on the various business engagements of our customer.


Tools and Technologies:

  • Simulink
  • Simscape Battery
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