Model Based Development of Body Control Units


Embitel uses model based development (MBD) to design and develop complex, control system based, automotive embedded systems. Embitel can support the complete ‘V cycle’ of model based development covering requirements, modeling and simulation, rapid prototyping, auto code generation, HIL, MIL and SIL testing.

Embitel offerings in this domain include:

  • Algorithm design, simulation using tools like Matlab / Simulink. ASCET & Labview.
  • Modeling and simulation, autocode generation using RTW, Targetlink etc.
  • Rapid prototyping with porting & optimization.
  • MIL, SIL and HIL testing using ETAS, dSpace, Mathworks, MBTech, Opal-RT tool chains.

We have integrated our MBD and traditional manual coding approaches to design and develop turnkey solutions in the area of Body Control Units.

System Overview:

  • Model based development using Mathwork’s tool chain.
  • End to End development from raw requirements to system testing.
  • >PIC microcontroller based ECUs.
  • Followed MAAB guidelines for modeling.
  • Code generation using RTW.
  • Manual coding of low level software.
  • Integration with low level software.
  • CAN, LIN based networking.
  • KWP2000, UDS based diagnostics.
  • Boot loader for re-flashing.
  • System testing.


  • MPLAB IDE, MCD3 debugger


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