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Business Challenge:

  • During the Model Based Development of their latest Seating ECU, our customer was confronted with a unique challenge related to controller memory.
  • For this project, the customer created floating point library model which occupies a large part of on-chip memory, because of the ‘double’ data type.
  • Since this new Automotive Seating ECU featured some very advanced seating comfort and control functions, floating point library modeling turned out to be an inefficient method with respect to on-chip memory consumption.
  • To resolve this issue within time and budget constraints, the customer was on a look out for an embedded software partner with in-depth expertise in Model Based Development.

Embitel Solution:

  • During the technology workshops, our automotive software development team and the customer agreed to convert the floating point models into fixed point models.
  • Since there were multiple blocks of models that required the conversion, our embedded software developers also started working on the automation tool to make the entire process more efficient.
  • Our automotive software team leveraged the in-house designed automation tool for all the future releases.
  • Due to Automation of the whole process, the development time was reduced from several days to a 2-3 day process.
  • The tool ensured automation of the following steps:
    • Model Initialization file creation.
    • Interface Files Creation.
    • Fixed point code based Model creation.
    • Code generation.

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Embitel Impact:

  • Our automotive software development team’s pro-active approach helped us to identify the scope of automation. This ensured reduction in the turnaround time for the new releases.
  • The automation tool reduced the overall process time by around 80% and has substantially improved the accuracy of the work products.
  • As per the client requirement, with minimal changes, the tool can be reused across multiple MATLAB/Simulink projects.

Tools & Technologies:

  • Matlab / Simulink 2013b.
  • Matlab / Simulink 2016b.
  • ERT coder.
  • IAR compiler.
  • CANoe.


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