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Automotive Network Conformance
Testing: CAN, LIN, and Automotive

Ensuring Standards Compliance for CAN, LIN, and Ethernet in Automotive ECUs

The key to unparalleled network performance in an automobile lies in rigorous and thorough conformance testing. Whether it is CAN, LIN, or automotive Ethernet at the helm of ECU network, automotive network conformance test based on relevant standards is paramount.

At Embitel, we specialize in Network Conformance Testing, ensuring that your automotive networking systems meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.

Our expertise lies in meticulously testing and validating the communication networks that are the backbone of modern vehicles. From safeguarding critical safety functionalities to empowering advanced connectivity, our suite of Network Conformance Testing services is designed to challenge and exceed the norms.

Automotive Network Conformance Testing Services

Automotive ethernet
Automotive Ethernet Conformance Test
  • We Offer Ethernet Conformance Testing as per Open Alliance TC8 (Layer 1-7) Automotive Ethernet ECU Test Specification or OEM specific Test standards.
  • All typical test cases are covered during the conformance testing including SOME/IP, UDP etc.
AEM Managed Services

AEM Managed Services

Our AEM development team works closely with your teams to provide SLA-based managed services for AEM deployment, both on-premises and on the cloud. Our series of Adobe Managed Services comprises of automated backups, health checks, disaster recovery, application maintenance and monitoring security. We help you leverage end-to-end AEM capabilities and increase the responsiveness of your platform.

LIN Conformance Test
  • We Offer LIN Conformance Testing at OSI Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Communication Layer and Diagnostic Layer.
  • LIN Test Standards Supported: LIN 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, ISO17987, SAE J2602-2 and OEM specific Test standards.
Automotive CAN
Polygon 3
CAN Protocol Conformance Test
  • We offer CAN and CAN FD Conformance Testing at Physical Layer, Data Link Layer, Communication Layer, Network Management Layer and Diagnostic Layer.
  • CAN Test Standards Supported: ISO11898, ISO16845, ISO14249, ISO15765 and OEM specific Test standards

Test-Cases Covered for Automotive Conformance Testing

1. CAN Conformance Test-Cases:

  • CAN node output
  • CAN node input threshold
  • Delay time measurement
  • Network Fault Tolerance Test
  • Frame detection error
  • Overload management
  • Bit timing verification and more

2. LIN Conformance Test-Cases:

  • Operating voltage range
  • Slope Control
  • Propagation Delay
  • Fault Tolerant Test
  • Resistance and capacitance measurement
  • LIN Master and Slave error detection
  • Transport Layer API and more..

3. Automotive Ethernet Conformance Test-Cases:

OPEN Alliance TC8: Automotive Ethernet ECU Test Specification

  • Layer 1: Physical Layer OPEN Alliance BroadR-ReachTM (OABR)
  • Layer 2: Data Link Layer, IEEE Ethernet MAC + VLAN (802.1Q)
  • Layer 3: Network Layer, IP, Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP)
  • Layer 4: Transport Layer, UDP, TCP, DHCP
  • Layer 5-7: Application Layer, SOME/IP, Service Discovery (SD)

Use-Case Based Understanding of CAN, LIN, and Ethernet Conformance Testing

  • CAN Network Testing in Braking Systems:
    In an anti-lock braking system (ABS), the CAN network’s ability to prioritize critical brake-related messages over less critical data is tested. This ensures the timely activation of ABS in emergency situations.

  • LIN Network Testing in Climate Control Systems:
    For a climate control system, LIN testing verifies that the commands for adjusting temperature are correctly communicated and executed by various components like blowers and thermostats.

  • Ethernet Testing in ADAS Systems:
    In a vehicle with ADAS, Ethernet testing checks the network’s ability to transmit high-resolution camera and sensor data with minimal latency, crucial for features like lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control.

Functional Testing of ECU Diagnostics Software

Our service encompasses the validation of ECU-supported diagnostic services, ensuring the accuracy of physical and functional messages, as well as the request/response format.

Following are various Diagnostic Software Functional Testing of the ECU. Standard Supported: ISO14229, ISO15765 and OEM specific Standard.

Diagnostics Services and Timings Verification:

  • We offer ECU supported diagnostic services validation. Our comprehensive diagnostics test comprises verification of physical and functional messages, request/response format with expected positive and negative responses.
  • We perform verification of diagnostic timing requirement, response timing, frame timing for singe and multi frame, no- response timeout handling, request received - response pending timing etc.
Diagnostic Fault Management Testing:

  • We offer Diagnostic Fault Management testing by simulating the appropriate set and reset condition and verifying that the DTC status current/history is updated accordingly.
Programming and Bootloader Verification:

  • Programming services sequence verification and timing verification are performed with valid and invalid files.
ECU Cybersecurity Requirement Verification:

  • We offer ECU Lock and Unlock Algorithm Validation, ECU Security requirement validation such as secure boot, firmware file integrity test.

Embitel’s Automotive Network
Conformance Testing Process

The network conformance testing process we adopt is a systematic and meticulous approach designed to guarantee that Electronic Control Units (ECUs) align with the required industry standards. Here’s an overview of the steps involved:

  • ECU Information Gathering: Initially, we collect detailed information about the ECU, which includes understanding the specific test standards applicable to the ECU's functionalities.
  • Test Case Identification: Based on the collected ECU information and its supported features, we identify a comprehensive list of test cases that are pertinent to the standards.
  • Test Plan and Case Preparation: We then proceed to prepare or customize the test plan and the associated test cases. This involves setting up the test environment and identifying all the necessary tools required for the testing process.
  • Test Schedule Coordination: In collaboration with our customers, we prepare a test schedule. This schedule is mutually agreed upon to ensure that it aligns with the project timelines and customer expectations.
  • Test Execution: Following the agreed-upon schedule, we perform the testing. This step is conducted rigorously to ensure all aspects of the ECU are evaluated against the specified test cases.
  • Immediate Escalation and Review: Should any test results indicate a failure, we promptly escalate the issue. Detailed logs, waveform data, and test results are compiled and submitted for thorough review.
  • Ongoing Communication: We provide weekly updates and review the test results with our customers and/or with OEM representatives. This ensures transparency and allows for any necessary adjustments in real-time.
  • Documentation: Finally, we document the test results comprehensively. The Standard Test Report includes embedded test logs, message logs, and waveforms to provide an in-depth review of the testing outcomes.

CAN, LIN, and Ethernet Conformance Testing Tools Expertise

Project Management and Documentation ToolPM Tool
CAN/LIN Monitoring, Rest Bus Simulation and Stress ToolsVector, IntrepidCS (CANoe, CANDiVa, VN series, CANStress, CANExtender, NeoVI, Vehicle Spy)
Ethernet Testing Tool SetupSpirent, Keysight
Regulated Power Supply, Ground Offset Supply and Custom Circuit as per Test SpecifcationAplab
Signal Generator to generate pulses as per test case requirmentAplab
Oscilloscope, Logic Analysers and Multimeters to capture readings and waveforms dataTektronix, Keysight, Picoscope

Why Embitel?

Expertise in Standards Compliance

Embitel's proficiency in international standards, including ISO14229, ISO15765, and OEM-specific standards, ensures your ECU meets the highest benchmarks of the automotive industry.

Customized Test Planning

Embitel tailors test plans and schedules to align perfectly with your requirements, ensuring a testing process that is both efficient and effective, with mutual agreement at every stage.

Proactive Issue Resolution

Immediate escalation of test failures, coupled with detailed analysis and prompt review, means that any issues are addressed swiftly and thoroughly, minimizing downtime.

Advanced Cybersecurity Verification

Recognizing the importance of cybersecurity, we offer specialized testing for ECU lock and unlock algorithms and firmware integrity, keeping your automotive systems secure against threats.

Industry Experience
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