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iAssure – an enterprise mobile app for Tata Trent

Business Challenge:

Tata Trent sources products for its retail stores – Westside, Star Bazaar and Landmark – from vendors across different regions of the country.To honor customer expectations of high quality products, Tata Trent has a well-defined quality inspection and audit process in place for these products.

This is how the entire vendor empanelment process works:

  • Tata Trent conducts an extensive quality audit and inspection of products at vendor’s premises
  • If qualified, vendor is enrolled into the system.
  • Then, order fulfillment process is initiated – Purchase Order (PO) generation, shipping, tracking, and fulfillment

Only the latter part of this process was automated, all the steps of the vendor inspection process were conducted manually. Tata Trent was experiencing loss in productivity due to incomplete business process automation.

Hence there need was for an enterprise-class solution that will ensure digital transformation of the entire process and also integration with legacy (existing) systems

Embitel Solution:

Development of iAssure, an enterprise-class web portal and mobile app for the automation of the vendor inspection and audit processes.

  • The web portal and mobile app supports all 5 stages of the vendor inspection and audit process laid down by Tata Trent.
  • The web portal and mobile app users (Tata Trent vendor empanelment team) can be assigned roles such as QA Officer, QA Manager and Head Officer.
  • Each user has access to data and status update privileges mapped to his/her role. For instance, all sourcing-related roles are granted access only to the first 3 stages of the inspection and audit process.
  • Forms for Inline and final inspection processes have been made available online. Automated email notifications are sent out to all the stakeholders upon form submission and status update.
  • Integration with existing portal, legacy systems and data.
  • The mobile App has been designed to support on-field QA officers to automate the inspection process.
  • Tata Trent’s existing enterprise mobility app for planning has been linked to, and real-time synchronization has been enabled with iAssure.
  • An offline sync mechanism between offline and web has been enabled for iAssure to ensure accessibility even when offline.

Tools and Technologies:

  • Slim framework based on PHP for web
  • Native Android app development for mobile
  • Cloud-based backend


Embitel Impact:

  • This enterprise class solution currently supports:
    • More than 150 vendors across India
    • More than 1 lakh Purchase Orders (PO)
    • More than 500 concurrent users
  • Tata Trent has reported increased productivity and enhanced quality adherence
  • Data analytics reports generated by the system are being utilized by the QA teams for advanced process insights.


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