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Unique connector for Manthan Systems legacy suite and hybris

Renowned data analytics provider Manthan Systems had the unique requirement of an accomplished tech provider to build a connector between their legacy suite for consumer behavior analysis and hybris platform. This task required a sound understanding of hybris architecture and strong Java J2EE concepts, which they found Embitel has.

After a consulting workshop with Embitel, Manthan showed confidence and trust in our capabilities in both the areas and this marked the onset of a successful collaboration.

Business challenge
  • To build a connector that facilitates the flow of information to and from Manthan’s legacy suites and hybris platform.
  • The connector had to be designed completely on server side scripting.
  • To enable identification of the browser, OS, and kind of device being used by the consumer.
Embitel Ecommerce solution
  • To build the connector on default hybris site to enable compatibility.
  • To use Java J2EE to suit the client’s requirement of server side scripting.
  • The project was split into two phases: batch feed analysis and real-time analysis.
Embitel impact
  • Enablement of the legacy suite with hybris platform, allowing Manthan a wider customer base in sync with latest technology.
  • Clickstream now possible for hybris platform.
  • Ease of deployment for customer as the connector was built on default hybris site.
  • A secure and reliable connector as there was no scripting from the client side.

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