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Decoding Transformer Technologies : A Comprehensive Exploration of Llama 2 and OpenAI’s GPT

In recent years, the world has been witness to a disrupting transformation in the world of artificial intelligence, primarily fueled by advancements in what is known as Large Language Models (LLMs).in simplest terms, Large Language Models (LLM ) represent a set of advanced deep learning algorithms extensively trained on vast datasets. These models excel in a multitude of Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks, encompassing pattern recognition, translation, prediction, and content generation.

At the forefront of this innovation stands the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT), a prominent framework that has captured the imagination of experts and the general public alike. GPTs, a subset of Large Language Models have garnered attention due to their incredible ability to create contextual and coherent content relevant to the input given. These developments herald a new era in our interaction with AI-powered language-based systems, fundamentally altering the way we access and leverage knowledge.

In this whitepaper, our experts decode the intricacies of transformer technologies through two breakthrough GPT models viz. Open AI’s ChatGPT and Meta AI’s Llama 2.


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