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DOS to Windows OS migration

Business Challenge:

  • Our customer is a pioneer of optoelectronics solutions for Industrial Metrology. Their software of crank shaft and cam shaft measuring systems used to run on DOS. Customer wanted to migrate the software from DOS to Windows to mitigate dependency on legacy hardware as well as to improve the overall efficiency of the system.
  • On DOS platform, applications were developed in Fortran which were migrated to C# .Net.

Embitel Solution:

  • Customer workshops and interaction to develop in-depth business and technical understanding of the systems
  • UML diagrams and design document of the proposed architecture were developed
  • An application was developed in C# .Net as a windows service which was linked with the legacy application

Embitel Impact:

  • Overall efficiency of the system was improved due to implementation of Object Oriented Programming best practices
  • Our team was able to maintain the precision and accuracy of the measurements after migration

Tools and Technologies:

  • IDE : Microsoft Visual studio 2013
  • Language: C# .NET-4.5
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