About the Customer:

Our customer, A prominent Electric Vehicle Start-up, is an initiative by young entrepreneurs who are designing Smart Electric Scooters, from the ground up.

This automotive startup is working towards bringing the electric vehicles to the mainstream market and providing a superior commuting experience.

Business Challenge:

The proposed fully connected, smart electric scooter boasts of advanced features such as on-board navigation, remote vehicle diagnostics and a telematics system. This advanced infotainment platform had been initially built on a Toradex SOM and was running on the Linux OS.

But owing to the growing popularity of Android as a dominant OS that caters to a wide array of Android Apps, the customer wanted to port Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) onto their platform.

Our Customer was confronted with a roadblock since the port of Android OS is not readily available for Toradex SOM.

Thus, our customer started looking for a reliable embedded product development specialist who could help them with seamless Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) porting and provide technical support on Toradex platform without affecting the performance of their infotainment system running Linux.

Embitel Solution:

During the brainstorming sessions and technical workshops, customer developed trust and confidence in the embedded software and hardware expertise of our team. Also, our past experience in developing an end-to-end Infotainment and Automotive Head-up Display systems proved to be a value-added advantage for our customer.

Equipped with a technically strong and experienced team, we took up the challenge of migration to the Android 6.0 OS without affecting the performance of the infotainment system running on Linux.

The Embitel team took charge to build an Android based solution that involved:

  • Setting up the Build Environment.
  • Porting of Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) onto Toradex SOM which was running Linux 3.14.
    • Porting Bootloader.
    • Porting kernel.
    • Porting Android file system.
    • Porting the flashing mechanism from NXP to Toradex.
    • Porting the Go Application from Linux OT to Android.
  • Integrating Android with the following modules.
    • GSM module with data profile.
    • GPS modules.
    • IMU module.
    • LVDS based display.
    • I2C based touch screen.
    • Bluetooth module.
  • User acceptance testing and document testing.

Embitel Impact:

Our customer was able to make a smooth and effortless transition to Android M, which seemed quite challenging for them in the beginning.

Tools and Technology:

  • Cross compiler tool chain for ARM.
  • Freescale MFG tool.
  • Android 6.0 OS.
  • Android SDK.


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