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ODX AutoConfig Tool
For Faster And Error-Free
UDS Stack Configuration

Our proprietary ODX AutoConfig tool is a PC-based solution to automate the process of UDS stack configuration based on ODX file. ‘Standardization in the processes of Vehicle Diagnostics implementation has been made possible with ODX (Open Diagnostic eXchange). The ODX format is an XML based ASAM standard for describing vehicle diagnostics data. It is standardized in ISO 22901 Standard.’ The auto-config tool takes the ODX file as the input and generates UDS Configuration source code as the output. The automation achieved using the tool saves 4-6 weeks of time usually required for manual configuration. Our ready-to-deploy and proven UDS software stack along with ODX AutoConfig tool offer a complete solution for your off-board vehicle diagnostics implementation requirements.

Features of the ODX AutoConfig Tool

Value Adds of our ODX AutoConfig Tool

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Knowledge bytes

ODX stands for Open Diagnostic eXchange. It is a standard developed to bring about the much-needed standardization in vehicle diagnostics. The ODX format is standardized in ISO 22901 Standard and is an XML-based ASAM standard for describing vehicle ECU diagnostic data. ODX replaces basic document formats like DOCX, XLSX, PDF, or proprietary documentation formats to share diagnostic specifications with the software development teams.

Based on this OEM-independent format, OEMs, Tier-I Suppliers and external testing equipment manufacturers can describe and exchange vehicle diagnostic data, without any compatibility issues.

In projects where distributed teams are involved, this standard comes across as a method for exchanging relevant diagnostic information. This enables all the stakeholders to use the shared diagnostic data across the teams and geographies.

The ODX configuration tool takes ODX file as the input and generates source code for UDS software configuration.

The services, diagnostics messages, etc. contained in the ODX file are thus, configured in the UDS software. Post the configuration, the UDS stack can be integrated into the vehicle ECU.

FAQs Regarding ODX and ODX Configuration Tools

What is the business model for your ODX configuration tool?

Ans. There are two engagement models with respect to our ODX tool:


  • We provide end-to-end UDS stack configuration support using the ODX configuration tool. In this model, you receive the UDS stack configured as per the ODX file provided. The advantage of using ODX tool is the reduction in man hours required for the configuration.
  • You can purchase the ODX tool along with our UDS protocol stack. The advantage of this model is that you can use the tool for UDS configuration for all your future projects. We will provide the required training and documents to help you use the tool at its maximum efficiency.
We have the ODX file. Can you configure our UDS protocol software using your tool?
Ans: Yes, we can configure your UDS stack with the services and messages contained in the ODX file. We will also support in system level testing if required.
We want your ODX AutoConfig tool along with the UDS protocol stack. How soon can you deliver?
Ans: Our UDS stack is pre-tested and a ready-to-integrate solution. We can configure the stack as per the ODX file in the least time possible. However, the exact time-frame can be decided only after examining the ODX file.
Can we purchase only your ODX configuration tool and not the UDS software?
Ans: Our ODX AutoConfig tool has been designed to work with our proprietary UDS stack. However, if you wish to purchase only the ODX configuration tool for a different UDS software, we can customise the tool to suit your needs.
Will you provide assistance in UDS stack integration to the target ECU?
Ans: Yes, we will provide complete support in the integration of UDS stack. From unit testing to functional testing, our team has extensive experience in the integration activity.
Can we use your ODX tool across multiple projects in our organization?
Ans: Yes, once you purchase the ODX configuration tool, you can deploy it across different series productions for UDS software configuration.
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