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Understanding Requirement Mapping in ISO 26262 Compliant Software Development

Understanding Requirement Mapping in ISO 26262 Compliant S/W Development

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It goes without mentioning that a software is built based on the specific requirements. In automotive software development, keeping a track on requirements (at every stage) can get quite overwhelming and complicated.

So how do you organize it and ensure traceability. The Art of Requirement Mapping comes to your rescue!

Requirement Mapping: the most Fundamental Step in Software Development

This webinar is an attempt to unravel the best practices related to Requirement Mapping in the context of ISO 26262 compliant software development.

Key Takeaways from the ISO 26262 Requirement Mapping Webinar

  1. Understanding the Need of Requirement Mapping
  2. How is requirement mapping achieved in ISO 26262 compliant software development
  3. Important terms related to requirement mapping
  4. Frequently Asked Questions from the customers regarding Requirement Mapping and Traceability

“The webinar takes up one of the most fundamental aspects of ISO 26262 compliant software development- Requirement Mapping.”

We heartily welcome you to tune into this recorded session of the ISO 26262 webinar. This session aims to prove a value-add for your Automotive Functional Safety (FuSa) journey.


Poornima Jha

Functional Safety Manager,
Embitel Technologies

On-demand Webinar

Release Date: Tuesday, January 14th, 2020

Duration: 20 mins

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