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As a Hybris silver partner, Embitel offers not just implementation of webstores on Hybris platform, but also hosting, monitoring and server management of Hybris websites. Our end-to-end ecommerce solutions are aimed at giving our clients a hassle-free experience and take care of all their tech needs, allowing them to focus on business operations and maximizing revenue.

Our infrastructure monitoring and support services cover

• non-stop monitoring to detect and promptly address arising issues
• bug fixes, patch updates, security updates
• data backup
• manual or auto scaling of servers for optimum server management

Magento Enterprise

Embitel has extensive experience in development and management of Magento webstores as a Professional Magento Solutions Partner. We implement Magento’s community and enterprise editions for ecommerce businesses of varying sizes, and across various sectors, and then assist these business with monitoring and support functions.

Partner with Embitel for reliable and efficient management of your webstore through website hosting, monitoring, issue addressal and server management.

Boost the effectiveness of your Magento 2 store with our reliable monitoring and management services for your Magento 2 webstore. While Magento 2 offers a host of advancements in implementation and better features, you can improve your store performance with our ecommerce website hosting and 24×7 monitoring services.

Our services include website hosting, non-stop monitoring and rapid addressal of issues, server management and data backup.

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