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Automotive Technology Platforms, Solutions, and Development Services

Reference Design, Platform Software, Protocol Stacks, ISO 26262 Consulting and More

The automotive software development ecosystem is in a state of continuous innovation. Right from electric vehicles and automated driving to connected cars and functional safety compliance, the industry is moving ahead on multiple fronts.

We, as a leading automotive software development service provider, offer turn-key technology solutions, platforms, and services to help design the future of mobility. We have observed the automotive industry from very close quarters for more than 14 years and contributed to its growth by partnering with pioneers of the industry.

Our innovation lab has been churning out cutting-edge solutions including Driver behavior app, motor controller ECU platform, ready-to-deploy BCM solutions, board support packages, OTA update solutions and more.

Automotive Development Success Stories

Building the Future of Mobility
image 17 (6)
  • State-of-the-art BCM platform developed on RH850 microcontroller from Renesas
  • Features include External and Interior lighting, Motor Control, Diagnostics, actuator controls, high side/low side drivers
  • As a gateway, our BCM solution can co-exist with legacy BCM in the vehicle
  • Developed as per ISO 26262 standard
image 17 (7)
  • Board Support Package solutions for automotive-grade MCU platforms (Freescale, Fujitsu, TI, NXP & more)
  • Both custom-built and off-the-shelf business models
  • MISRA C compliant and pre-tested for lower power footprint
image 17 (8)
  • Reference design for motor controller ECU to drive EV powertrain
  • Designed to deliver customized & production-grade solutions for Electric Vehicle Applications (E-Taxi/Auto, Electric Scooters, Electric Four-Wheelers)
  • Equipped with FOC and Regenerative Braking
  • End-to-end support from prototyping to production-grade projects
  • Android based infotainment system development
  • Support in creation of product development roadmap
  • Production-ready hardware and software design for Car HUD (Heads-up Display) Solution
  • Hardware & software development services for automotive telematics
  • End-to-end FOTA solution with customizable features

Automotive Software Development Services

Our Automotive Expertise

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