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WP Engine Enterprise
WordPress Solution

As business organizations continue to chase their digital transformation goals, they are looking beyond having a digital presence. Business strategists are seeking an integrated solution that can help them deliver unmatched digital experience across the customer journey.

WP Engine helps you deliver on the promises of seamless Digital Experience through your WordPress site. WP Engine is one of the leading Digital Experience platforms developed for the most popular Content Management System today.

Agility, Speed, Intelligence, Integration, Security – WP Engine brings all these together to ensure long-term success of your digital business. Combine these with the open-source architecture of WordPress, and you get a complete digital solution for your customers!

Benefits of Using WP Engine

  • Uses around 30 open-source technologies.
  • In addition to hosting your WordPress site, WP Engine offers experience-building solutions like customer segmentation, geotargeting, content syndication, accelerated content publishing – to name a few.
  • Integrated with Genesys and StudioPress framework & numerous UI themes to deliver seamless Digital Experience.
  • Endless opportunities to deliver personalized experience with numerous personalization plugins.
  • Powered by Cloudflare for Enterprise level security & faster and efficient delivery of your website content.
  • In-built Performance Intelligence tool provides deep insights about your WordPress sites and apps.
  • Incredible scalability with hundreds of millions of hits per day with the help of EverCache, one of the most scalable WordPress- specific architectures.
  • Built to scale with high performance data centres and wider cloud coverage, powered by Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Partner with Us for Creating Fast, Reliable, & Secure WordPress Sites

enterprise grade solutions

Embitel offers enterprise grade solutions in WordPress, leveraging WP Engine.

From strategy planning to design and development – we offer extensive support to build fast, reliable and scalable WordPress sites for businesses.

Why Partner with Embitel for
WordPress Site Development?

14+ Years of Industry Experience

14+ years of experience helping our global customers in fulfilling their digital transformation journey.

A Team of 200+ Experts

A strong team of digital experience experts , solution architects, WordPress developers, UI designers who will help you get the best of your online presence.

Industry Recognised Partner

Embitel is a WP Engine Partner, which means we are empowered to deliver personalized digital experience in fast track mode

Industry Recognised Partner

Customer FAQs on Our WP Engine Enterprise-grade Solutions

Why should I use WP Engine when I can directly host a WordPress site?

Ans: WP Engine offers more than just managed hosting support. It acts as a digital experience platform that offers services like geotargeting, customer segmentation, content staging, scheduled data backups, third party app integrations, etc. All these, in addition to helping you getting your WordPress site up and running.

Additionally, with WP Engine your website can benefit from state-of-the-art solutions including AWS, global CDN (global content reach) and Google Cloud.

Is there a disaster recovery plan in place to protect the business and website data?

Ans: Since data is the most valuable asset in the current era, no business can achieve long term success if it doesn’t have a disaster recovery plan. With WP Engine, you get the benefit of automated data backups that can be executed in any environment – Production, staging , legacy staging and even development. WP Engine’s disaster recovery strategy facilitates automatic as well as partial restore of up to 40 backup points.

Can I migrate my WordPress site from my current hosting solution to W Engine?

Ans: You can migrate your WordPress site from existing host to WP Engine – either manually or by using automated systems. However, manual migration is prone to errors especially while moving your valuable business data to a new hosting platform such as WP Engine. In such cases, it is advisable to get support from experienced solution providers who can help in a seamless and reliable transition. For details, get in touch with us at sales@embitel.com.

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