About the customer:

Our customer is a UK based BMS solution vendor and one of the leading experts in Battery Management Systems.


Business Challenge:

Our customer wanted to collaborate for a functioning platform software for their existing system for a better user experience. Essentially, the customer was looking for a technology partner with experience in:

  • An Engineering approach that supports all stages of development with ease of verification & validation. This results in a system that works seamlessly across different environments.
  • The approach should be in sync with the customer’s existing system.

Embitel’s Solution:

Since our team was tasked with developing the platform software for an existing BMS, we first performed a joint analysis and study of the existing systems with the customer’s team. We assessed the different components of the application software and identified the following approach for the development of the required platform software for our customer’s Battery Management System.

Embitel developed ASIL-C Compliant Platform software for the Battery management system. The platform software enabled Low-level driver modules for Infineon TC3xx Micro, including the communication stack, Diagnostics Stack, HAL, DAL, Self-Diagnostics, and modules.

The Platform software provides flexibility to access the BSW signals for BMS applications via the Signal Interface layer. The platform SW is integrated with the HiTex Safety Library and RTOS.

Decoding the Various Steps of our Platform Software Development

  • ASIL-C Compliant Platform SW Development for BMS System.
  • Software: Low level Driver + HAL + Communication + Diagnostics
  • Communication: CAN-FD Driver + Interface Layer + Network management
  • Diagnostics Layer: UDS ISO14229 and ISOTP
  • Safety: Hitex Safety Library integrated
  • ISO26262: Implementation as per ASIL-C Safety requirements

Embitel’s Impact:

The BMS platform software made the existing system easily configurable and maintainable to support future changes.

This challenging platform software development project was delivered within the desired time-lines and costs. This ensured reduce time-to-market and development costs for our client.

An EV friendly BMS platform software has become a necessary requirement present day EVs. Hence, the success of this project had a long-term positive impact on the various business engagements of our customer.


Tools and Technologies Used:

  •  Aurix Tri-Core TC 3xx Micro
  •  CodeBeamer
  •  Tasking Compiler
  •  ISO26262-ASILC
  •  CANoE
  •  Polyspace and Tessy(Unit Test)
  •  UDS & CAN Stack

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