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Development of ASIL B Compliant Electric Vehicle MCU Platform Software

About the Customer:

Embitel, a seasoned industry player with over 16+ years of expertise, developed this comprehensive in-house solution for potential tier 1 customers in the Electric Vehicle domain.

This success story revolves around the successful ASIL B compliant EV MCU platform software development undertaken by Embitel.

Business Challenges:

Our team sought to revolutionize an existing EV system by designing and developing an Electric Vehicle Microcontroller Unit that promised a superior user experience.

We aimed to leverage our extensive know-how in EV MCU applications for electric drivetrains and our flexible, configurable Open Platform for building diverse applications in the EV realm.

Embitel’s Solution:

Embitel’s dedicated team embarked on an in-depth analysis of the EV drivetrain components to conceptualize and develop a flexible and configurable Open Platform to accommodate a wide array of EV applications. The primary feature of the project encompassed:

  • Platform software development comprising BSP, communication stack and safety library
  • UDS based diagnostics and bootloader
  • Software compliant to ISO26262 ASIL B requirements
  • PC tool for stack configuration and reprogramming
  • ASIL B compliant documentation and verification

Embitel’s Impact:

Driven by Embitel’s relentless pursuit of excellence and adherence to deadlines, the project was completed promptly and within the agreed-upon budget. The timely delivery significantly reduced time-to-market and development costs, bestowing a competitive advantage for potential clients like tier 1 vendors or Automotive OEMS.

Embitel’s approach, combined with a shared vision of creating top-tier EV solutions, laid the foundation for a true success story in the realm of ASIL B compliant EV MCU platform software development.

By leveraging our extensive domain knowledge and advanced technological capabilities, we have been able to retain ourselves as a trusted partner, driving innovation, and delivering transformative results that impact the automotive industry positively.

Tools and Techniques:

The development process was powered by an array of cutting-edge tools and technologies, including but not limited to:

  • TI microcontroller and code composer IDE
  • Vector CANoe
  • XDS 100v2 Debugger
  • Simulink
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