Electronic Control Units ECU Software Migration for a CV Client


Embitel has strong expertise to design, develop and test various modules for Engine Control units. We have expertise development of low level drivers, BSPs, communication stacks and application modules such as engine functions (Air system, EGT- exhaust gas treatment, injection system etc), and vehicle functions (cruise control, Immobilizer etc).

For a German tier-2 supplier, we migrated various modules to a new generation Electronic Control Units ECU  for a commercial vehicle diesel engine.

System Overview:

  • Re-design and migration of Electronic Control Units ECU software from Siemens C167 micro-controller to Tricore.
  • Modeling and auto code generation using ASCET SD (ETAS).
  • Implementation of truck specific functionalities like Engine brake, Power  take off, Cold start aid  system, High Idle governing, Limp home features for critical sensor failures etc.
  • Implementation of CAN communication network with other ECUs as per SAE J1939 standards.
  • Vehicle diagnostics over serial communication line as per EOBD standards.
  • Onsite/Offshore team of 4 engineers.

  • CANAnalyzer, INCA, Trace32.
  • Siemens C167 micro-controller to Tricore.


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