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UDS Software Stack Implementation and Integration Projects for Automotive Customers

About the Customers:

Our automotive developers have collaborated with global customers – that include Automotive OEMs’ and Tier-1 suppliers for UDS based diagnostic solutions.

Our ready-to-integrate UDS software stack is in production programs of our following global customers:

  • Europe based Tier-I supplier of software engineering and debugging solutions for embedded systems.
  • US based leading supplier of Automotive Roof Systems and Solutions.
  • A German manufacturer of Electrotechnology and Automotive equipment with worldwide presence.
  • A leading provider of Motor Control Software solutions, based in Germany.

Business Challenges:

Since UDS protocol is a unified standard (consolidation of KWP 2000 and ISO 15765-3), it has been an integral part of all new product development programs of the global automotive players.

However, the in-house technical teams are often confronted with challenges related to UDS software stack development and integration.

All this results in additional software development costs and customers lose focus on core product development activities.

To help our customers overcome these hurdles, Embitel has been partnering with their product development teams for UDS software stack integration projects.

Embitel Solution:

Our pre-packaged software solution for UDS stack is customizable, to best suit your end-user application.

Embitel follows the V-Model Software Development Life Cycle for UDS Stack Implementation. This includes:

  • Requirement gathering and analysis.
  • Architecture Planning.
    • Creating High Level Design Diagram.
    • Identifying the required software modules.
    • Project specific Architecture Customization.
  • Creating Module Level Design.
  • Implementation of UDS software stack as per the customer’s system environment.
  • Testing.
    • Module Testing.
    • Integration Testing.
    • Functional Testing.

Following are some of the features of our UDS stacks that have helped us deliver a value-add solution for our customers:

  • Static Enabling and Disabling the SIDs.
  • Configurable DIDs configurable to meet the business and use-case requirements.
  • UDS software stack is Portable to 8/16/32 bit microcontroller platform.
  • Hardware independent stack.

To successfully deliver UDS software implementation projects for multiple customers, our team has partnered for following software development services:

  • Implementation and configuration of UDS services, as per the ISO 14229 standard.
  • Implementation of Diagnostic over CAN TP layer (as per ISO15765).
  • Implementation of Diagnostic over LIN TP layer (as per LINTP).
  • Implementation Diagnostics over IP TP layer (DoIP)Configuration of UDS stack for compatibility with RTOS or non-RTOS environment.

In addition to UDS stack implementation; we have also partnered with customers for UDS software support services:

  1. Integration of the UDS stack to the hardware platform.
  2. Integration of UDS solution with target application.
  3. Development of bootloader software based on UDS standard.
  4. Development of driver modules like CAN, LIN, Ethernet and more.
  5. Verification & validation (testing services) of target application after integration.
  6. Detailed Documentation Support (Creation of HLD, LLD, MISRA Report).
  7. Creation of PC based UDS tooling solutions.


Tools and Technologies Expertise:

  • STM32xx Micro Controller.
  • Code Warrior IDE for embedded software development.
  • CANoE and Freematics OBD Emulator.
  • CAPL Script for ECU reprogramming.

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