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[Infographic ] Electric Vehicle Charging Protocols that will Define the Future of EVs

Charging an electric vehicle is not as simple as refueling an IC engine vehicle. Compatibility between the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and the electric vehicle on various parameters has to be established before the charging can begin. Voltage, current, frequency, communication medium, billing and fast charging compatibility are among the various factors that decide whether a charging station will be able to charge a specific EV. Since there are various EV and EV charging unit manufacturers, a standardization is indispensable.

The different EV charging protocols offer this much needed standardization among the EVs charging system and EVSE. Various consortiums have come up with a few protocols that EV manufacturers are also following.


Bharat EV, CHAdeMO, CCS are some the most widely implemented EV charging protocols that enable safe connection between EV and EVSE.

These EV charging protocols ensure that various criteria of safe charging are fulfilled before the EV charging is initiated. These protocols also monitor the vital parameters while the vehicle is being charged so that there is no instance of shock to the passengers and no damage to the EV and its component.

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