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BabyOye.com is a brand under Nest Childcare Services private Ltd. which is a one stop shop for all mother care and baby care products. It has gained huge popularity just in few months of its operation because of the best possible user experience. The portal was conceived to provide online buying of pregnancy infant-care and mother-care products, to modern Indian parents, with the click of few buttons.

  • To provide a user-friendly, time saving platform for Indian customers to shop for child care products.
  • Present relevant product information to users with various search options.
  • Manage inventory with backend multi-warehouse support.
  • Study customer behavior on site and run promotion accordingly.
  • To generate relevant reports to monitor sales performance.
  • Implementation of effective promotional activities.
Our Role:
  • To understand the concept and identify various target groups.
  • Complete design and templating.
  • To strategize a complete plan to provide good shopping user experience on site.
  • To ensure smooth functioning of the portal with also having scalability and compatibility options.
  • Evaluation and implementation of open source tools for cost effective solution
  • Post live application, server, hosting & monitoring support.
  • Supporting constant changes and enhancements in the application.
Our Solution:
  • Content Management Module: includes detail about product information, managing e- product catalog, inventory management, customized product search options.
  • User Account Management Module: includes user registration, guest check out options, customer database management system (transactions, PDF invoice, discount history, shipping preference) and coupon management system
  • Payment Gateway & Order tracking system Integration: integrated with multiple payment gateways, single page checkout process and customized order fulfillment process.
  • Administrative console: includes various reports generation, validate orders, gift voucher and coupon series management functions.
  • Promotion Management Module: ability to configure various promotions, generation of bulk coupon codes, setup of affiliate partners, tracking the effectiveness of the promotion.
  • Social Media: Integration of social media apps with webshop system such as FB Like, Connect, FB Updates on homepage etc.
  • The look and feel of the portal was exactly as per client’s recommendation and is able to attract enough eyeballs.
  • The performance based on the usability, fastest response and delivery time of the solution was really appreciated by the client.
  • Ease of manageability and reporting.
  • High visibility on social media sites.
  • A cost effective solution with all desired features, functionality and easily customized backend support for future changes.
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