About the Customer:

Our customer is a leading fintech company based in India. The enterprise wanted to venture into eCommerce and establish an online presence of their offerings on both consumer Finance and eCommerce.

Their objective was to offer a localized shopping experience and facilitate brick-and-mortar retailers to reach out to those who preferred making online purchases.

Our customer was looking for a partner with a good reputation that could offer a great team with tech proficiency in AEM and Magento to work with. They wanted marketplace development with Magento and AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) to make products and purchase options available online. We consistently helped them in emerging into one of the biggest online stores in India.

Business Challenges:

  • Our client was dealing with inconsistent customer experience that resulted in a journey drop off and less conversions.
  • Their website was giving regressive performance causing longer load times.
  • They wanted to develop a Dealer/Seller module.
  • The client wanted to incorporate a large number of SKU’s (Stock-Keeping Unit).

They wanted to introduce a 2-wheeler dealer/seller platform on their site.

Embitel Solution:

  • We used AEM and React to deliver content faster and smoother to ensure great user experience.
  • We built a responsive ecommerce site that adapted to any device and enabled customers to shop easily and securely.
  • We integrated elastic search engine to provide accurate and personalized search results and dynamic faceted navigation. This helped their users to find what they wanted quickly and effortlessly.
  • We implemented hyper-personalization like showing products and offerings based on customer location, appropriate data tagging and analytics. This in turn increased their conversions.

Embitel Impact:

  • We helped our client to market their products and services faster.
  • We developed and maintained several websites for them, including an ecommerce platform and a financial tool, according to their specifications and requirements.
  • The ecommerce platform was designed to allow multiple vendors to sell their products on the same site, creating a diverse and competitive marketplace.
  • The client received positive feedback and results from the ecommerce site, which motivated them to expand their product portfolio and business scope.
  • The ecommerce platform was designed to be responsive, fast, and scalable, handling large amounts of data and transactions with ease and efficiency.
  • We continuously improved the performance and functionality of the websites, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tools and Technologies:

Tech stack



Adobe Launch

Adobe Target

GA (Genetic Algorithm)




AWS Lambda


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