About the Customer:

Our client is an international developer, manufacturer, and distributor of power tools. They serve different sectors like professional forestry and agriculture, landscape maintenance, construction, and private users. They have been one of the most popular brands since 1971.

The client had a vision of creating the best retail platform for its retailers, distributors, and end users. They faced a complex challenge of integrating specific local workflows for multiple countries, each with its own regulations and preferences. They needed a platform that was not only modular and scalable, but also available and multi-device compatible. They also wanted a platform that supported multiple languages across multiple locations. 

Business Challenges:

  • Our client wanted to expand and sustain their retail arm across the globe. One of the main challenges was to reduce the maintenance cost of malfunctioning devices.
  • Another challenge was to include new products in their portfolio that could cater to the diverse and evolving needs of their customers.
  • Lastly, they wanted to enhance existing features and develop new ones for their existing products.


Embitel’s Solution:

  • We helped our client by giving strategic advice and ideas for solutions.
  • We assisted in building a custom online store/specialty retail platform through our IO CIF Connector widget for niche products.
  • We supported them by launching the platform in different markets globally.
  • We are continuing our support and upgradation of the features.


Embitel Impact:

  • Our proficient team helped them reach out to a larger customer base across countries.
  • There was an increase in revenue post implementation of Specialty Retail eCommerce Platform.
  • There was a decline in operating costs.


Tools and Technologies:

Tech Stack

AEM (Adobe Experience Manager)


CIF IO Connector


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