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hybris multi-channel and Omni channel implementation for various brands of a leading Indian retail multi-sector conglomerate

One of India’s leading retail store conglomerates with outlets in various sectors ranging from fashion, accessories, kids, gifts, sports, household goods and grocery to electronics and more collaborated with Embitel for hybris multi-channel and Omni channel implementation for various brands. The goal was create an efficient and consistent shopping experience while reducing time to market.

Business challenge

Having recognized ecommerce as the next avenue of growth, this conglomerate tested various ecommerce platforms, but none had capability to efficiently manage their vast bouquet of brands and deliver a consistent brand experience across channels.

After functional and business consulting workshops with Embitel, this retail giant decided to collaborate for hybris implementation because of the following key attributes:

  • The retail group already had all their back-end systems built on SAP ERP and Database modules
  • hybris multi-channel, multi-site and omnichannel capabilities present the ideal solution for efficient management of a vast number of brands and future Omni channel business strategy
  • Embitel’s mix of hybris engineering talent and ecommerce consultants along with proven and robust QA and Project Management capabilities (EmbiQ Engagement Model)

Embitel Ecommerce solution

  • Our ecommerce consultants designed an efficient back-end solution architecture by leveraging the capabilities of hybris platform and customized it to the unique business requirements.
  • Based on this customized architecture, a dedicated engineering team developed a back-end service layer that serves as a robust backbone for the design and development of multi-channel web store-fronts (desktop websites, mobile websites and apps) with scope for omnichannel capabilities that can be implemented in the future.
  • Design and development of master Product Catalogs with the respective brand product catalogs along with WCMS integration for the respective brand store-front.
  • Design and development of Native Android and iOS Mobile Apps based on hybris Android SDK to implement multi-channel features.
  • Future implementations to be based on hybris 5.5 platform to leverage recently launched responsive websites capabilities of hybris
Embitel impact
  • Reduced development lead time for web store-fronts of various brands due to common back-end service layer
  • Consistent shopping experience for customers across all channels and brands
  • All brands are perfectly aligned to go the Omni channel way in order to a deliver seamless shopping experience

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