About the Customer:

Our customer is one of the real estate magnates based in Germany. They own and operate huge commercial complexes that include multiple businesses functioning on the site.

This real estate company wanted to build a parking marketing system where users can search for parking spaces that are currently available, book them and make payment instantly.

Business Challenges:

There were a few challenges that the company was facing during the ideation and implementation process of the parking management system.

They wanted to partner with an industry expert on application development with tech proficiency, and who would help them with the booking of the parking spaces, showing availability and making instant payment through an efficient payment gateway.

  • Limited Parking Spaces: The estate company complex had limited parking spaces that led to users and employees finding it hard to get a parking space. The parking spots were occupied by various other businesses operating on that site.
  • Manual Parking Management: Parking management was handled manually, which resulted in long queues, longer wait times and confusion for customers.
  • Lack of Payment Options: Their current system did not offer various payment options that left users frustrated.

Embitel’s Solution

The real estate company wanted to manage the parking issues systematically. They wanted a parking management system implemented. We helped them address these issues in the following three steps.

  • Smart Parking System: A smart system was integrated where users can find available parking spots through their smartphones. The smart parking system had sensors installed on each parking spot to identify whether the space is occupied or free to use.
    This information is sent to a central server where parking availability is updated in real-time.
  • Booking System: Customers can pre-book a parking spot using the application. The app automatically assigns the parking space and sends a confirmation to the customer’s phone. Customers can cancel their bookings if they do not want to use the parking space.
  • Payment Gateway: The payment gateway of the parking management system gives a lot of payment options like credit cards, debit cards, and mobile wallets. Users can make payments through their preferred mode of payment.


Embitel Impact:

Our real estate customer and their users have reaped numerous benefits from the parking management system.

  • Increased Revenue: The company has been able to generate extra profits by selling the parking spaces to users. The smart parking system has minimized the time taken for users to find parking spaces which has led to a significant rise in customer satisfaction.
  • Better Customer Experience: Customers no longer had to wait in the queues or waste time finding a parking space. The system has made the process easy and efficiently convenient.
  • Reduced Operating Costs: Ever since the implementation of automation in the process, the company has seen increased productivity. This in turn has decreased their manual labor and operating costs.


Tools and Technology


  • Micro-service architecture
  • Node js, React Js, GraphQL, PgSql
  • Cypress for test automation
  • Dockers

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