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A leading Indian versatile apparel brand which offers T-shirts, Polos, track pants, shorts, sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets and much more. Proline clothing is especially designed to fill in the need of perfect sportswear attire in the Indian market. It caters extensively to locations throughout India as well as expanding overseas operations from UK.

  • To provide a comprehensive online eCommerce solution to get the orders online from their customers, target increase in sales and intensify reach
  • A B2C portal with enhanced user interface and easy navigation through products to reach the perfect match quickly
  • Design strictly matching to brand guidelines and standards
  • User involvement on site through social media plug-ins, blogs and promotions
Our Role:
  • Requirement Gathering: Complete understanding of business needs, capturing functional and operational requirements on several meetings.
  • Consulting: Suggesting possible solutions and choosing the best fit.
  • Solutioning: Embitel suggested developing the shop system on Magento platform as it suffices client needs.
  • Pages themed according to suggested brand guidelines
  • Modules identified and developed while certain features customized according to requirement.
  • Payment gateway, Facebook plug-ins and blog post integrated on the platform.
  • Single step checkout with complete order invoicing option on the shop system.
Client Benefits:
  • A faster, advance and stable shop system with high scalability options.
  • An advance promotion module to manage promotions efficiently from backend.
  • High target customer involvement with Facebook and blog post integrations on home page.
  • User friendly interface with easy navigation/ filter options to provide better results and faster purchase cycle.
  • Faster checkout on purchases made with backend invoicing on the shop system itself.

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